Why one should travel at all?

Yes, there is enough reason for travelling, and that for quite a many reason. I would say Travelling should be included more seriously in the school curriculum itself, so that a student may be aware of diverse cultures of this unique civilization at the beginning of their life . This will form the total wholesome personality that would make a responsible citizen of the future. A responsible citizen is a real building block for the strong nation—a need of the hour.

At the moment,  whole of India is full of strife, and torn between caste differences, religious beliefs, food-cultures and host of other differences. All these are blocking the natural development of our country. I am sure that at the beginning of their life, through travelling, if they could be made aware of the diverse cultures of the country first-hand, this would create an innate love for the country and all what India stands for, this would insulate the country from the violence that is ripping apart the country today.

Yet, people travel. It works as cathartic and full of fun. There is a lot of struggle in our day to day life, which is natural and cannot be avoided. This make life unhappy and takes away pleasures from living. Here comes travelling to heal the woes. Travelling lightens the burden of life. When in a distant land away from permanent address, put up against common odds of the new place, all members of the touring group develop strong bond between them, and learn socialization. One of the key element of human happiness is your capacity for socialization and identifying yourself with surroundings, and it is the travelling and travelling alone that develops and test that trait. For many of us , still fresh in memory , that when Australia was on a winning spree non-stop against all the cricketing nations of the world under — , the planned test team would be sent to forest beforehand to live together for a week as a team. This probably was for making a truly homogenous team with strong bond which went a strong team. ultimately, true to plan, and won the tests decisively.

Like other things here also European people is  ahead of us, as a rule they make travel an essential part of their life, and the natural result is that they are happier and more developed, and live a better quality life .

Of course, with the improvement of economic condition, awareness, social infrastructure, Governmental welfare for the masses and care, more and more people taking up travelling as entertainment. This will benefit the nation.travel.jpg


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