Travel light, disciplined, purposefully.

Travel has its own pleasure, but not without associated trouble. If you can shed your ego, and a little bit of comforts you that are used to, you can add much pleasure to your travel. In this respect, I find travelling has hassles built into it. It starts with planning meticulously after collecting information of the proposed journey, booking tickets and hotels, lastly keeping oneself constantly ready to cope with unpredictability of place of visit. Conversely, when join a professional group, a lot of anxiety will be immediately off. Expenses may be little bit more, but you need not worry much, they will book your journey tickets, hotels, properly plan your small visits and foods of your choice at tourist destination. Without any extra effort they do it because they have proven and time tested infrastructure in place for doing all these. There are many travelling agencies doing these jobs quite professionally. Just to name one is KUNDU SPECIAL of Kolkata, they are running this business from 1933. Most of the people who avail the service of Kundu special, are bengalees. Their 300 people- team work hard to keep their customer happy by providing home comfort by making food and lodging available to personal choice—and that’s a tough task considering bengalees long list of choices. Often there are tourists who are inflexible in their choice, want 200% home comfort even in adverse circumstances. They fret and fume over small aberrations, spoiling everybody’s expectations. Kundu special are hugely experienced through experience to handle this thing also. This is why they are so special.

Of course, I am a kind of man who do not think when you are on a tour you need to be finicky/touchy about such mundane necessities like food and lodging which you daily otherwise have at home. Such doing the wrong thing at the right time makes you lose the pleasure of enjoying a new place, new people, new sight. Rather, my opinion is that while on a tour you may sacrifice some of our habitual comforts and concentrate on enjoying only the tour. Any unusual thing that confront you, stays in your memory for a long time. The ‘bitter’ experience of today becomes a sweet memory when in future you travel down the memory line. Other thing that confounds me that people puts more weight on looking through lense taking pictures, rather than enjoying the sights of nature with bare eyes. Classically seen, it is a mere wastage of labour and love invested in the tour.
To make the best of the tour one has to be a disciplined one. As Discipline does not come from within, it has to be imposed from without, and that from a person who has to lead the team. Behaviour and choices of all the members should be alike, uniform, so that there comes cohesion in the team. Shri Rudra Mondal, an experienced and knowledgeable tourist, head a group of tour-enthusiast—Malancha by name, says that members of the team have to be prepared for the tour to make the tour fully successful. He and his team has been successful. I am also of the same opinion.

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