Prime minister Modi, his tea-stall and true India

An article by Bhanu chakraborti

Modi is on a state tour to Israel. Back home, the tea stall of his childhood where he would sale tea, at Vadnagar, has been announced by Govt. of India as a place of tourist interest. A tea seller becoming a PM has given self-respect to the people of lowest class that they are not out of reckoning anyway, their becoming big is still a possibility, Modi has proved.
True, to some, he is a prime minister in a new mould, according to them he is carrying out a basic change in the administration of the country, including removing corruption. His policy is praised by both domestic and international economists. His move of demonetization has not produced expected good results, also has not caused the damages as feared by many either. But there is no doubt that his intention was good. All good intention does not meet good result, most does.
There is enough controversies about him, but I think, at the moment he must be enjoying support of more than 50% of his people, including that of minorities.One thing certainly bad about him is that he has some attathment for RSS. There is no compromise about this, he has to shelve this connection, otherwise his prime minister ship can not survive .
No true Hindu can hate other religion, caste, culture or food habits. For a person with proper high school education knows people from all hues , cultures, food habits mingled for thousand of years to make the hindu/Indian civilization. In our national anthem, poet has said that the run of Indian or hindu civilization is not yet complete, more and more people from diverse background should continue to come and mingle to make India richer and richer. As a Hindu, Modi must be understanding this more than me.
Further, he is influenced by the messages of Swami Vivekananda, who advised not to hate any human being, despise any food or community. From the events of past few months, it is not understandable how Modi has inclined to certain class of people who calls them true hindus—these hindus have severe hatred to minority communities. Keeping his RSS connection aside, the make of Modi otherwise, should not have been supporting any sort of communal hatred.
One bad thing about democracy is that to remain in power even the best have to garner support from the majority of people even if they come from dubious background. Here it will be convenient to recall the case of Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Jinnah craved for power, to become he powerful he had to become a Prime minister. Precondition for him was to give birth to a country, a muslim country was the nearest possibility. Then he canvassed for a pure country for true muslims , himself not being a true muslim going by the tenets of Islam—he would drink wine, eat pork, not pray, all these disqualify to become a pure Muslim. But he posed to be a pure Muslim and cried for creation of a country for Muslims. Ultimately , got a country for muslim of which he became the head, the seat of power. I think lure of power alone was responsible for Jinnah being communal, Modi also perhaps inclines to hardcore hindutwa for in a similar way.
At the moment he enjoys support of upper class Muslims for efficiencies otherwise, if he persists in this present mould he will lose the support of all Muslims and other minorities as well, even majority Hindus will not support him on this issue and soon they will be vocal and active against his rule. Except this angle he is my favourite, pray that inside and outside he become a true secular PM without hatred for any religion, caste, then India will prosper for in terms of efficiencies, he is far superior to any other PM of India.


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