The burden of ignorance

It is a matter of worry that our school students bear a heavy burden of labor, they have to carry a heavy bag of books on their back. There is no respite. The contents of the bag are books, notebooks, Tiffin box, water bottle etc. etc. There is no segregation day wise, all books have to be carried to school every day. If the student carry books as per daily class routine, in that case load on the back can be reduced. Actually, responsible bodies connected to school education, NGOs, social thinkers have advised that the load of books in the back should not be more than 10% of the body weight of the student. But there is wanton violation of the same. This advice is violated in all the states, all over the country. In some cases weight of bag of books go up to 20% of bodyweight of students.
When asked, authorities say that they really have concern for this, and issued instruction so that students do not have to carry all the booksand note books everyday—if it is so, certainly those instructions are ignored at the functional level, somewhere down the line message lost its way. This is doing a colossal damage to the students. Doctors opine that these students when they grow up may suffer back and neck ortho- problem, what is more dangerous that they may suffer from spinal cord problem. This means when you are making every effort to educate your child by spending your hard earned money, he is growing up to become a future patient. Time has come for all governmental authorities, social organizations to unite to sort out things, and compel Govt to take necessary action so that school curriculum is systematized, only essential things are taught so that ultimately burden on the back of students come down really.
Here I want to draw reference to a thinker whose suggestion has impressed me a lot. According him , its not necessary to teach students so many things in its compact form as it is done now a days. Some basic things only to be taught to students. He says music, maths and one or two languages, are enough to be taught to them. They will have enough time to play and enjoy, and grow naturally. When he will grow up, he will learn things automatically. After all, whatever we learn we re-learn only which is there in us already at birth. All of us comes from this universe, this universe lying dormant in us, gradually reveals itself as he grows. I refer to it only as a food for thought, immediately nothing more than that.
Coming back to the topics–there is one thing more, books and notebooks may be used in its digital format. In fact sometime back I read about a school in the Kerala state which has shunned books in its physical form, instead, everything taught and tested through tablet computer. Weight of their baggage will come down to approx 400 gms which is now 5/6 kgs. There should not be any objection to it, for , students even otherwise using mobile phones widely. They can easily extend it to for studying purpose. This will make them more conversant with digital instruments, at the same time make the school bag disappear. This will save their future health, make a physically strong future citizen, after all, as we know when health is lost everything is lost. Thinkers may think on it.

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