This is how we keep us unhappy

We cannot enjoy what we have because we are engaged with what we do not have.


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None of us are happy, because worries and anxieties keep us down even when being in possession of everything we have. We cannot see and enjoy what we have as we are obsessed with getting with what we do not have. For example, at an age of 20 you have your youth and good health in your side, but not yet posses success and prosperity of 60. You can not enjoy your youth of 20 for you do not have prosperity which comes naturally at 60. But at the age of 60 you have your wisdom, and prosperity and wealth,  but no anymore the youthful vigor natural at 20. Both time you are  blind to see what you are having at the present moment , bringing a running unhappiness.worrying man th

Further, we suffer from avoidable worries and anxieties. After certain time, it turns into a habit. Our mind is occupied constantly with anxiety which if we maintain record and look back, will see 99% of time we worried about, did not happen. Mind is constantly occupied with anxiety, only occupants changes position, we stop worry on an issue only when a bigger worry replaces that previous. In this process, the earlier worry has not changed in quality except that we cannot think anymore about the earlier one because an immediate newer worry has taken its position. When you have lost one hundred rupees, you worry because you have lost one hundred rupees, but as soon as you loss one thousand rupees on top of it, you no longer worry for previous one hundred as your mind is occupied with immediate one thousand rupees loss, although you still suffer the previous one hundred rupees loss but out of mind.

We are hundred times better than many people but yet unhappy and worrying, which we must get rid of at this very moment. Just read this facebook message from an unknown friend. You will see how much you are better   from the circumstances this  well placed friend is put to—-“raveen Tyagi

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