Write for your recreation

In this world of busy-ness there still are some who have ample time to spend but wandering how to pass time creatively. Among others In this class comes people who are just retired from the life-time job. I would recommend them to take to writing. Writing is a great human faculty. Those who have cultivated it during growing years in school, I am not speaking about them because it is already bearing fruit for them with the skill which they developed in early years. What in early days was a dry school home-task , in old age that has become a boon, a means of recreation , and if they are lucky, making money for them as well. After all first one-third of life we build foundation for the rest two-third of life.
My concern is for those who have not developed the faculty- that is the art of writing, very systematically , like the present writer did not…… but they need not lose heart, still, they can write. And the great blessings which digitalization and internet technology brought in, is that you can publish your writing in your own website or blogs which is freely available or available at a low cost. Publishing now is too easy as never before. It is no longer difficult like olden days when only a few and the best would get opportunity to be published. Now, we are blessed, anybody can get published, and get world wide readers. It is a great opportunity- by this you are making access to people living far far away whose caste, creed, color, language you will perhaps never know and they—at least a small fragment of them, will read your article certainly. This is bound to create an excitement in you , hence pleasure. You get to tell your ‘rubbish’ story in writing which face to face you could not tell them physically for a number of reasons. If they don’t like, they may trash— it’s their right, it won’t hurt you as you can’t see that. In life some times not knowing also helps.
Whatever the quality or standard of your article you produced, you will always have people who will either love or hate it—either way, you get readers, simply because the world is inhabited by 700 hundred crores, comprising people from many layers of choices; one may appreciate your ‘high class’ writing while many others will not be able to crack it . Similarly, there are still many more who write less articulately devoid of intellectual content, but just understable to many and they love it for sheer lack of merit because they themselves do not have one. People are made of different stuff; one may hate a standard of writing while for others it is the first choice. It is happening in the writing world day in day out, publishing industry know it. A publisher reject a labour of love of a budding author only to be lapped up by other publisher to become a best seller. Thus, you will always have readers for whatever you can produce, so why hesitate, write and publish the blog, you will connect in any case with the world. I am with you.
If you have a bad luck, say you did not get any readers, but you have still done an enormous job in that you expressed yourself, this has its excitement and you enjoyed it. At an old age, you have hundreds and thousands of interactions in life already, experienced many things and this experience is the real gold mine, many are unique as all individuals are unique. The essence of all literature in this world is human being and his experience of living. So, whatever you write from that experience is bound to hit the bulls eye, it is only a matter of time when all will appreciate you. One thing more, all individuals in the world are essentially same internally, they are different outwardly only. When we dive deep in ourselves and talk about our sorrow, joy, failure and achievements, we no more talk about us but talk about the whole world. When somebody reads your story , chances are that he identifies with it and likes. Therefore , my message is …….go and write your true experiences, then you have whole world to become your reader.
How to make your writing really relevant ? …delve deep in yourself to find the topics what is yours really and write on it honestly. It will certainly be liked by many, I can bet. If you try to write about anything which is borrowed or copied, there can not be any personal touch, it is bound to fail. People will never like the writing, because there is hypocrisy in it. Apart from everything whatever said here, you must not forget that when you have put down your word you will feel lighter, relaxed and refreshed, if you don’t believe me, ask a psychiatrist. At least for this you may write.


Author: Your useful Books.

An online seller of books. Lives in Mumbai and Kolkata.