come to be a regular feature in Mumbai, at least 5/6 collapse that at the moment I can remember in course of last one year. Going by the reports of local people, this time a political worker who welds mussel power is to blame. Allegedly, the power welding political man violating the existing law in position, removed the load bearing pillar in the ground floor flat-which he owned, to create extra space for him, and this caused the collapse. Responsible people in the immediate vicinity knew it well in advance, but did not protest out of fear. This kind of political people generally possess muscle power and instill fear in public as a rule. Had there been no fear, there would have been protest from public, and with the help of  honest administration the culprit could have been prevented, and ultimately several lives could be saved who now have died because of the building collapse.

Can you guess why such incidents take place in whole of India in regular fashion? it is obviously corruption, it is common everywhere in India almost in similar fashion. The culprit –here a sena man, had to seek first permission of housing society, second municipal commissioner  for changing the basic structure of the building which under normal condition he would not have. But Public did not say and report anything out of fear, and result is that the building collapsed spoiling his own luck and the luck of those others lived in the building. This shows also that corrupt does not survive his misdeed.

There is always a nexus between this sort of people and the administration, money and muscle power is used to coax the protesting voice, and to toe the line- all for monitory gain. In this case by creating extra space he would get more money on renting it out. If the administrative units were active, they would jump into action as soon as violation took place and reported. Corruption makes the machinery inactive, like AIDS virus this make the immune system inactive.

This is a great country , has rules in position to control every department of social life with common good in mind. If there is no tampering with it  and rules were free to function, all Indians would live a rich and quality life, free from any wants, deprivation etc.

But some of us, but by this time many of us are greedy, steal money from the state kept reserved commonly for all of us. Rules and the people responsible for administering those are threatened, arm-twisted and cowed down, by these people by crude means, just to own this public money for their private purpose. Common people are helpless. This does not happen only in India, it happens in Bangladesh, Pakistan, African countries, in fact, corruption is the root cause of poverty. Wherever corruption exist, poverty is inevitable. UNLESS WE BANISH CORRUPTION, BUILDING-COLLAPSE LIKE THIS WILL CONTINUE TO HAPPEN; ONLY GOD CAN SAVE US!!!!

Author: Your useful Books.

An online seller of books. Lives in Mumbai and Kolkata.