Fatwa against Hafiz saeed by Mumbai clerics.

hafeez26/11 terror attack mastermind in TAJ and JUD chief Hafiz saeed has been condemned by no less than 1000 clerics and imams recently who gathered at Saki-naka-based Madrassa Darul Uloom Ali Hasan Ahle Sunnat. This is a very positive move on behalf of Indian Muslims who are wrongly condemned by hard-core Hindus and many common not well informed hindus. However, this is not the first instance that Indian Muslims condemned Hafiz saeed and other terrorists, but such condemnations came late.

True, No sane human being including Muslims of course–including those living in Pakistan even, can not support any violence to civilians. It is their different political compulsion that they are against we Indians, therefore my article is not about them, Govts will deal it in their way in our interest. I am here talking about our muslim brothers at large. Their protest Of Saeed and other terrorist could come much earlier, with much more thrust.

This will strenthen the hand of true hindus to fight for true Muslim fellow citizen against those biased , showing them all muslims are not in the same league. I know Intellectuals Muslims were always against terrorism, but for a long long time kept silent and did an enormous damage to Indian society–perhaps situation would not have been so complicated as of now, had there been protests right at the beginning that in the nineties. As for me, I wondered at the beginning why intellectual Muslims did not openly opposed the activities of Muslim terrorists right in the first part of nineties..

Better late than never, at least, now on, no more damage will be done. About Modi, our PM can give wide publicity to show to his party worker that Muslims’ patritism cannot be doubted, if they continue to doubt, party’s appeal to public will deteriorate because all hindus do not think like RSS–only they don’t react to avoid involvement. I do not speak of Modi of the past, but of today, when he has ruled the country for three years already- in my opinion, resonably successfully. He has began to understand that hard core Hindus like cow vigilantes and his RSS connection standing in his way to develop the country, evident from the statements he issues from time to time, although not that strong ones perhaps in fear of antagonizing RSS.

He may forget his past and begin a new phase. Otherwise,he is different from past prime ministers, he is genuinely trying to bring fundamental changes to the economy although he is not always successful as in the case of recent demonetization, some failures are natural. He cannot be successful without having the support of majority Muslims and Christians. Communal forces not only will stop the progress of the nation, may plunge the country in civil wars.

Respected Prime Minister–please uphold to the nation that Muslims except bare few are genuinely against terrorism, they are truly patriotic just like you and me. No Muslim may be made to go out of the main stream, that is bad for the country.

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