Rape- remedy is chemical castration / vaccination

I write this article in desperation, no more can ignore the issue. Be it television channel or newspapers, invariably you will see there are rapes and rape related violence, increasing day by day. There are a lot of television discussions by police, psychologists, and social scientists. I am no expert in their fields, but I find discussions and discussions but there are no effective results. They end up saying what was known since long back, what our forefathers knew, nothing more than that. All these talks are TV audience/ newspaper readers for in exchange of fees they get for appearance.

Punishments are already there but it does not seem to be producing a clear result or no result at all. When heinous Nirbhaya case of Delhi was being discussed, simultaneously, some similar rape cases occurring throughout the country. My view is that Society is worried over never ending rape crime but does not look bent on determined to stop it. All of us belonging to either sex have understood that it is not controllable, only intensity can be reduced. Genuinely, only women are serious about this because they are the butt of suffering the crime often leading to ghastly murders. With the advance of time it is only insensitivity of our society is increasing to it, now a days it is commonplace, nobody is bothered.

As I understand, it’s the men’s sexual behaviour that is at the root of the evil–rape and related crime to achieve the end. All men are potential rapists. You will see many respectable men who is today advocating women freedom, condemning sexual violence against women, tomorrow they may employ all their tricks to exploit a women sexually. The exploiter may be her boss responsible to rule an organisation or a police officer responsible to control crime or a social elder to set example for the younger to behave, even family guardians responsible to rear them up. Actually problem are more from them whom a women trust more, hence more difficult to stop this sexual harassment/rape. No Woman should trust any man whoever he may be, to save her from sexual exploitation.

Actually, this sexual crime will never stop, our elders and responsible authorities also understands this — it is not me alone. This is uncomfortable to admit publicly because it will give further legitimacy to rapists.
So, what next? will it then be like this till eternity, but I guess with the measures our authorities usually adopt, it is slated to be so–ie it will continue till eternity. I have thought out one, I know I will have few takers–that is some sort of chemical castration right at the beginning at birth of a male child because it is men only who are often found to be doing this crime, 95% of rapes. There may be outcry against this, and yes to balance public opinion, if possible similar chemical castration may be done to women also. I consider this unsocial stormy sexual urge of men is not less than a disease, otherwise, why best of conventional measures to stop rapes are dismally failing since long in the past.
In that context it may be called a disease. Don’t we vaccinate against cholera, typhoid, chicken pox, polio? Those are also coming from nature as man’s sex. If we can stop diseases like cholera, typhoid, chicken pox, polio beforehand by vaccination in childhood, similarly, we can stop men’s sexual unusual propensity to sex by developing suitable vaccine and vaccinate in childhood itself. For some men it is humiliation but nothing else is working.

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  1. Yes dalim, I totally agree with you. But its also known by you as you are a sincere and seems a liberal enough citizens of our country that not only men but women also responsible for the never ending problem of the world. The root is too deep to discuss. There are so many books, films, discussions, candle light processions and many more things happen after a gruesome rape and murder, as a result we get a ban on ‘daughter of india’.but do you know what we the most cultural people of no matter what are completely accept the fact that women are the only responsible for her harm.i salute our culture, pray to it because it compelled to do me so.another discussion stared.no need of it.proudly close the chapter.


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