0We talk about celebrities, but there are celebrities  in their own right among us who do not get highlights in media or do not work themselves for coming to limelight. Such a man is Rudra Mondal I met him on 12.08.2017 at his residence, that is only last saturday.  He along with like minded are the founder of  the club MILON MANCHA,  he is responsible to conducts its activities.

He is an  unassuming gentleman of sixty plus, earlier he was a Govt servant. He is a social worker with a purpose from his students-life, attended more to social work than studies. What attracted me to find him out is that he conducts tour periodically only for the members of Milon Mancha .

There are many tourist companies like KUNDU SPECIAL, CHALO JAI and a lot, but those operate for commercial purposes only. A Commercial tour organisation prepares  itineries, duration and accommodation with a plan to maximize their profit. I can’t blame them because it is their bread and butter, those were created for profit motive.

Sri Mondal plans in a different manner to make your tour effective so that you can gather more tourist experiences by spending  same amount of time,  and  energy. He is a strong disciplinarian with a stoutly built body that may mislead you to believe that he must have been a military commander. It is not really that, a civilian like you and me but with a true military discipline.

As he rightly says there are many inefficient travelers among us who have visited same area several times because only from coming home from the last tour, they learnt of near-by missed spots while recounting to their friends  . Soon after they underwent repeat spending of time, energy and money to visit the missed places in the same area.  This does not help, Sri Mondal  experienced it only after making some tours in the first part of life, then he built on his experiences.

Another very important thing that he says is that you have to prepare your tour members, they need to be trained to be of similar tests, at least during the period of travel. I fully understand him. You must also have seen in your own experience, that in the course of your tour–whoever you might be,  at least one member is quite incompatible like a computer virus spoiling whole program. He will always demand home- comfort, fight with other members over trivialities and this, as you also have definitely seen, mars the whole pleasure of the tour. These people have to be avoided what KUNDU SPECIAL/ CHALO JAI will never do, because every customer brings home precious money for the owner.  Rudra Mondal and his team made tours all over India with a special focus on North East. I was searching for one such and he fits my bill.

Periodically, he conducts cultural function at his residence. But his residence is unique indeed. His modest flat is located in the most posh area of India, in FOUR BUNGLOWS in Andheri West. He made a lot of innovation in his flat which on your first visit will look as a simple living room, but give him just 10 minutes he will make an auditorium out of it by turning a few bulbs in the ceiling, drawing out a hidden screen, raising a platform which was already there but so far you thought it is only a flat . It is like P. C. Sarkar taking out a rabbit from under his hat!!. Many celebrities of Mumbai are his acquaintances, they come and perform at his mini auditorium. Truly, me being only a super-ordinary man, became  happy with this new found contact.

But he is a simple man in all respect. I believe his simplicity gives releases of enormous energy to carry on his activity spanning cultural activities, photography and other works. No amount of vitamins or green vegetables can provide a continuous bout of his  energy, there is no cosmetics to it.

Sorry, so far I have forgotten to tell you of his another passion that is photography, he is at it from long back. He did a professional course from J. J. School of Arts, Mumbai. His albums of photographs is  a record of his travels to all the places of India. Soon I shall try to publish some of his photographs in my site here.

Everything cannot be described in words to give you an idea of his energy and commitment to purpose. For this, some justice could be achieved when you see him doing the photography of his subjects. If I were a photographer I would photograph him while he is in action–all sorts of postures he employ –squatting on the floor , standing, bending his body and running about in the room to bring his subject in perfect focus of his lense. Means he is totally involved. Is it an exaggeration on my part?, do you think so?… then visit him once and listen to him. He is a prolific speaker, can speak endlessly providing you minute details that will embed him in your mind. ABOVE ALL, HE DOES NOT HAVE ANY PECUNIARY INTEREST, NOR ME EITHER IN INTRODUCING HIM TO YOU. THANKS FRIEND.1

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