Eminent Muslims those did not want partition of India

It ‘s true that fight with Pakistan weakening the country in all the fields we may think of. Heavy drainage of fund, weakening international position, constant loss of life of our soldiers and common innocent citizens, and of course there is a never ending terrorism–I do not think this will ever stop.

This means we and our children have to learn to live under constant insecurity for next 100 years. This uncomfortable products of partition of India not only damaging /destabilizing India, it has produced  terrorism for the whole world. The boundary was demarcated –now looks carelessly,  only with a notice of one month, by a surveyor who never visited India before or after. Who knows if demarcation were done more carefully, perhaps, perhaps, today’s border disputes would have been avoided.

Better still it would be good if there were no partition at all.  If there were no partition there would not be any Pakistan, with no Pakistan there would not be any border,  with no border there would not be any war with Pakistani, there would not be any terrorism and many other ills that are afflicting us. I have a fear that enmity with pakistan ultimately may lead to nuclear war destroying India and the world …………….

Here are a few among many Muslims who did not want partition—


1.-Abdul Quaiyum Khan—Belonging to the North west frontier province (NWEP), Khan was educated at Aligarh Muslim University and London school of Economics. He became a barrister and was one of the eminent lawyers of NWEP. Dr Shamsul Islam in his book—“ Muslims Against Partition”, says that he had declared that his province would resist partition of the country with its blood.

2.-Maulana Abdul Kalam Azad—He was an Indian scholar and a senior Muslim leader of the INC before Independence.

  1. Gulam Hussain Hidaytullah—He was first Chief minister of Sindh ( 1937-38)

4.- Khan Abdul Gaffar Khan- needs no introduction

5.-Hasrat Mohani- A noted poet poet, ‘ Inquilab Zindabad’  was coined by him in 1921.

6.-Dr Zakir Hussain- Needs no introduction

7.-Moulana Hussain Ahmad Madni- A founder member of Jamia Milia Islamia, and also a religious leader.


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