CCTV in courts will significantly enhance judicial transparency–one more step towards further strengthening democracy.

Henceforth CCTV camera will record proceedings of all courts in India. This will certainly increase  much needed transparency of courts. There are huge pendency of cases in courts, endless adjournment of cases are given. We have included features of constitution from other countries like UK/USA in the constitution of India, therefore we may learn from the practices adopted from them. There are examples in those countries that they do audio-visual recordings of their court proceedings, as TOI reports US supreme court proceedings are even available on youtube.

No one is infallible in this world. Putting everything on camera psychologically prepares us to put up our best to public. Lot of people from different interest group like advocates, court staff, security personnel in addition to the parties to the case visit court daily. Audio visual recording of the court room will bring in a lot of transparency. Think of Indian masses in far flung areas living in ignorance and fear of the unknown and disbelieve, and mostly do not believe their equal rights against high and mighty is also enforceable through courts.

In this background audio-visual recording of court proceedings will increase their faith , knowledge in our kind of democracy. In fact, this sort of thing should be done in all countries especially in under-developed poor countries.

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