TV compromises reality–packages and sells

There are limitations in our expressions. All that we can feel, cannot speak; all whatever we speak, cannot write down on a piece of paper. I have been dying to share a feeling with friends, but I was struggling with myself to find the handle of the issue so that I can firmly catch hold of it, otherwise, how could I transfer to others? Until I share I won’t get peace of mind. Finding out the handle of the problem means half of it is already done. Therefore, I have re-appeared before you.

Through watching TV [other than information and education channels],  in a very subtle way we lose contact with reality, virtuality takes over the reality. By this we forget to live our life as God has given us, instead, we start living a non-real life forced down the throat by TV. In this living we may have pomp, but this living does not touch our soul i.e. we are no longer living our own life.

Without wasting any more word, I would  recall a joke. A wife on serving food to her husband, asks him how was the taste of food cooked by her, husband replied as not good. This made wife to comment that same food got one hundred ‘like’s in her face book since that morning, now she wonders how her husband could be dissatisfied. This is only a joke but this has become a widespread behavioral pattern in society.

The misplaced focus is on how food looks, rather than how it tastes in your taste buds and nourishes health. Here Packaging is important –not the content, otherwise, you won’t get the first prize.  Our TV ,except a few information channels, sells such priorities, right into your drawing/ bed room, in a similar yet forceful way. It influences, slowly but surely, that always you should care for packaging , even at the cost of content .

Often there are programs based on love because it sells well on TV, involving young men and women, and married couples. This programs often show us what is ideal  love, and how to be happy with it. Each participants are made to tell their own  story  . It is clear that participants prepare those stories just for TV viewers– possibly encouraged by anchors, so that they sound good and  look nice on TV, and the effect is a lasting effect, on the audience. Young audience who watches this are influenced, and unconsciously takes it as a model behaviour for future in their own life.….. In real life they get the shock because solutions handed out by TV do not work in real life, because story as finally presented to them was not a real one.

I have seen couples who repeatedly post their photographs in social net working sites—frequently changing poses, postures, dresses,   to convey to their friends that they are happiest, just  next to Laila-Majnu. My point is that if you are a happy couple, it is fine and it should be that way only, God bless you for your whole life; why you require to get constant certificate of appreciation and approval from your friends  for a very private and a sacred matter like love between couples. Too much display of your marital love in public takes away the intrinsic strength of it, weakens it.

This sort of artificial behaviour destroys the real love , especially by public display of marital ones, undoubtedly this is an influence of television. Summarily I do not reject TV, there are many good sides like information channels, education channels, but there are this damaging side also which is corrupting our souls which is central to our existence.

Author: Your useful Books.

An online seller of books. Lives in Mumbai and Kolkata.