MY Durga puja–The day of Navami.

22050156_1114926778639975_6817962515181536509_nYesterday was the day of Navami of Durga puja. Milon Mancha hired an A/C Bus with 20 seater for us. Experienced and knowledgeable Members , Rudra Mondal and Amalendu Sil, took the responsibility, made necessary plan and arranged the puja parikrama for Navami puja. As per previous communication, we all assembled at the flat of Shri Rudra Mondal, located at the most posh area of Mumbai that is Andheri West sathbangla, at around  4.00 pm. Duly equipped with water bottle, some snacks etc we 20 boarded the bus for our puja parikrama, it started at 5.00 in the evening. Initially, the Program was till midnight.


Then Gradually we covered Ramkrishna Mission at Khar, Chembur, Vashi, Mulund, Andheri, Juhu, Lokhandwala to do the pandal hopping. I Can not incorporate more details of the tour in the interest of brevity. Of course, the previous day on astami, also we visited some of the same places and we enjoyed nicely. This day of Navami, was another good day, this time more number of people were with us. What is important is that people from different walks of life , many of them enormously successful,  joined us. Usually, among my friend circle I am known to be talkative, always delivering lectures. Here, people were so much more knowledgeable than me that I kept listening to them throughout for fear of exposing my lack of knowledge. This kept me engaged all through, and the knowledge flowed like water only in one direction –from higher level to lower level. There were models, Artist and singers.

The top of the icing as is  always, is Sri Rudra Mondal. He knows almost half of the people of Mumbai from all levels of successes, through his long connection, and dedicated social work. Credit goes to him that it was not visiting the Durga idols and pandals alone, it was a session of socialising with people also. They were people from various fields, some of them from the screens. Moreover, our journey was also enjoyable as members joined in chorus in singing during the journey.


Journey was so absorbing, that there was no count of time, and suddenly I saw it was two pm in the night in my mobile phone. Thereafter, hurried up for the rest part of the journey. We saw Durga puja of Biswajit, Abhijit etc etc.


My son, daughter-in-law, and granddaughters joined us at Kollol Kalibari of Goregaon, and returned home at 5.00 in the morning. It was a wonderful experience. TODAY IS DASAMI, OUR WAIT FOR NEXT YEAR PUJA STARTS NOW. LONG LIVE MILON MANCHA AND ITS STALWARTS !!!!!!.

This photo is not in the course of our pandal hopping. This is here because it made an appeal to me which I cannot ignore. THIS IS OUR VILLAGE FOLK LOVE AND ADORE DURGA MAA.

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  1. 👆 Very nice d vivid description by my dear Mr.Bhanu Chakraborty about hopping from pandal to pandal on Navami evening continuing full night under d banner of great Milon Mancha.👌👍😊🙌

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