Vijaya Sanmilani of Milon Mancha at JED Garden, Bandra East

As is customery in Bengali culture, After Vijaya Dasami, all friends meets in a get together in a vijaya sanmilani to exchange good wills. All embrace each other and partake of sweets. Every locality celebrates it in their own way world over. And where Bengalese are there no occasion is complete without sangeet and rosogolla. So it happened in our vijaya sanmilani in JED Garden, Bandra East, this sanmilani was arranged by Milon Mancha on the evening of 14.10.2017. It was a grand occasion.

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A disciple of Manna Dey, Sri Surjya Bhattacharjee , a professional artist of great acclaim , supporting my wife, Tripti chakraborty, to sing in this cultural evening.

Milon Mancha is a cultural organisation, has many members. The beauty of Milon Mancha is that here you can meet many people who are very important in their respective fields. This vijaya sanmilani was great such occasion. It was attended by members who are singers, composers, actors of no mean importance, they generally tour worldwide on invitation of their fans. When such stars are present you can imagine the quality of enjoyment, and all these we enjoyed.

Shri Padmasree awardee  music composer-singer-lyricist Shekhar Sen, Chairman of Sangeet Natak Academy, Great Singer Shurjo Bhattacharya and her little daughter ‘ Jhilik’, Painter and artist Aurobindo samanta and his wife, among others, enthralled the audience.  Supriya Mukherjee fondly known in close circle as Mana Di—a model and voice over artist, played her role also in a shruti natak;  you hear every day her voice in the aquaguard advertisement in your TV.

We reported there at JED Garden at 6.30 pm in the evening. Since morning weather was very bad, but pull of the occasion was so strong that defying the weather all were present at the right time. We started with narkel naru, nimki and ghugni. Then followed light snacks and tea, and it continued with different snacks items throughout, till the great dinner. Cultural program was continuous without any break.

Apart from the artists, there were many who like me were not professionals, but Milon Mancha was careful, so that every non-professional also got the opportunity to the stage and perform, and did not feel left-out from the limelight. Some sang, others danced, read poems etc etc…it was the day when every non professionals among members also, were heard and seen, on the stage. Me and my wife are very grateful that we got an opportunity to be introduced to many talented people whom we would not have made access to otherwise. Sri Aurobindo Samanta is a young artist, whose paintings have been bought and displayed in many museums of European countries, I requested him to guide my grand daughter, naturally it was an opportunity to mingle with many greats, and potentially great people. Shivaji Sanyal–an actor, writer and a reformist poet–all rolled into one, very popular in face book, displayed the fireworks of his multifaceted talents , Thanks to Milon Mancha for showcasing the talents of its members.

At the end there was sumptuous dinner. Individual items I won’t explain here as you may be repenting why you missed it. Food was tasty, items were cooked well. We left the venue at around 11-00 PM in the night with a sweet memory.

Last and by no means least, there are some heroes who talk less to work more— without mentioning their names my article will remain incomplete. First Renu swami, her husband, and Lucky Da had a good contribution.  The other two were—Rudra Mondal and his wife Sharmistha, worked hard in the background. Their basic philosophy in life is SIMPLICITY, AND LIVING FOR OTHERS. They live their philosophy, may GOD multiply their breed, in this selfish , complex , and dangerous world full of egos, LONG LIVE MILON MANCHA AND ITS HIGH IDEAL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

__________________________________________Mahatma GandhiThe best way to find yourself is to lose yourself in the service of others–Mahatma Gandhi.


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  1. Nuce description if the evening. Thank you so much for capturing the moments in words. Those who missed it could now feel this moments.


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