“Milon Mancha” is in the process of making a  database for interested Travellers eager to Travel in India,  and Abroad .

Milon Mancha is a Platform where distinguished people from all walks of life have come together to satisfy their cultural needs. Here we have accomplished singers, voice over artists, actors, writers, playwrights, models, photographers etc. Coming here gives a feeling of having an opportunity to mingle with those greats, and possibly for younger people with luck, have found a way into a bigger and wider world.

Among its many other activities, Milon Mancha conducts tours and travel for its travel loving people. Account of its travelling activities are well documented in the albums of Milon Mancha available in the facebook. You may see those for your sheer pleasure. I am sure photographs there will leave an indelible mark in your mind.

So far we have conducted normal tours, that is commonly known as leisure trips, but we are exploring to extend to cover expensive tourist spots where luxury options are also available for willing people who can afford. Milon Mancha , unlike the commercial tour operators, is in constant search for finding economic-trips in all sense of the term, that is to visit maximum no. of places in minimum money, time and energy, with particular emphasis on avoiding repition of places.
Towards the end of December 2017, we will travel to Karnataka to
see the UNESCO heritage site of Hampi and Badami. This short trip is
already full, and there is no more room in our bus for further accomodation.  Now  some more
people are requesting us to accommodate them in this very Karnataka tour but they are already late. Hence we have put them in waiting list, so that if any of our team member drop out at the
last moment, person in the waiting list will be accomodated.  Wait-listed travellers have to purchase their Rail Tickets themselves, and get ready physically
and mentally. Last minute requests for inclusion are common for all our
tours. Every time we become sorry for them who cannot be accommodated even at the end.

Milon Mancha has a whats app group exclusively for Travellers. If you are
interested in travelling with Milon Mancha, you may request to include your
name here in this group . For the purpose, you may send your request to rudrapmandal@rediffmail.com,
mentioning following points, in the attatchment—

1-Name, age, gender, address, phone nos, mail id, facebook id etc etc.
2-Describe your preference, taste and choices elaborately—details is important.
3- Suitability. – Duration of Travelling period for example –preference for 1/2/3 days,
1week, fortnight or longer?
4- Places you want to visit, and also your preferred time of the year to go
out for tour/ travel.
5- Number of places you already have visited, and why you have liked or
disliked those places, and those Travel Agents.
6- As you know, even if planned properly some uncertainty cannot be ruled
out. In view of this please mention how much uncertainty you can bear
without any grudge.
7- Mention a few tour itineraries with day-wise details which you enjoyed
very much in the past..
8- If you ever took part in  tours conducted by  tour operators,/ travel Agents /
Travel Groups, please mention in details of what were good and bad about those
tour operators.
9.-Last but not least don’t forget to mention whether you are at heart a
tourist or a traveller.

The above information will be compiled for the purpose of making a data base of Travellers for our future Trips.

This exercise has become necessary, for, many travellers have many tastes and choices, their physical ,
mental and economic capacity are different. We wish to make  groups
of likeminded people who have similar capacity and taste.

We also wish to know from our present and future members about who are interested to help in conducting these  trips
voluntarily, by collecting and providing all sorts of useful information about
tourist places, and making systematic design of tour itineraries. They may also provide information about   accommodations with best scenic views and amenities,
vehicles with very responsible drivers which can be hired, good Food Joints in tourist places , best
shopping stores etc etc in respective tourist places.  We also wish to know from our members of their special skills like their being a physician, influencial Govt. official, Good
photographer, Writer, singer, entertainer, great communicator and public
relationship expert etc etc. All this will help us conduct tours and travels for you which can bring the best value for your money.

Remember it is a collective effort towards exploration for finding a systematic, economic and effective tour plan for all. Drops of water makes a big ocean, similarly all your ideas can come together to come out bigger and bigger on travelling with Milon Mancha.
Interested people are requested to forward the desired information to the appended address by mail, within a
week for our processing the information towards making systematic tour
program and records for the whole year . Thanks.

Rudra Mandal
D-102, Juhu Abhishek Apartment,
Juhu Versova Link Road,
Andheri West,
Mumbai-400 053,


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