Introduce artificial intelligence in public service in India in a wide scale.


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Sometime back there was a news report that railways will use artificial intelligence henceforth in signalling– this will reduce accidents, improve punctuality in the running of trains. I welcome it because as per the report, accidents in the railways occur due to human factor mostly, and application of AI will naturally reduce the accidents effectively. It is true that introducing AI will create unemployment—still I welcome it. Every accident causes loss of valuable human life and property, and application of AI will save those.  As at present, so many families lose their bread earners, so many are maimed for life every year just because train accidents keep happening due to human inefficiency.

Not alone railways, every department of the Govt should introduce AI. As is now, whether it is railways, Banks, post office, hospitals, municipalities, every department of Govt work inefficiently, causing harassment to tax paying public to whom the country ultimately belongs. There are many reasons for it, staff working there are largely ill-educated people produced by our inefficient education system. Off the cuff ,just remember your last visit in any of those offices for availing service for which those were created, what you have seen? Most probably, staff was away from their seats/ counter or did not present themselves in the counter timely, or were ill-educated, could not communicate well, write well or calculate well, in summary, staff employed there did not rise to your expectation, or to as demanded by the duties they are paid for. Result is that public suffer. Not only this, in every step there is corruption, unless you pay them bribe they won’t work. This is not any new revelation, every citizen of the country have experienced these harassment hundreds of times. The best is to remove whole clerical and lower staff who constitute the bulk as at present, and in their place put artificial intelligence to do their job. AI will do this job in high volume, meticulously, punctually at a much lesser cost. None will be there to ask for bribe. Net effect is that public of the country will be served better.

Another field where AI can be applied is healthcare. There is a perennial shortage of doctor and para medical staff in our country inhabited by 130 crore people. In the village in public health centres there are no doctors, in hospitals patients are overcrowded without enough doctors. People suffer mostly from common diseases, having same symptoms, requiring same medicine—based on these an algorithm can be developed, which may  produce a software for diagnose disease and prescribe medicine. Patients can be treated from the computer. This will reduce the required number of doctors. In fact, some application of AI is already there. A great benefit is that human errors also can be removed.

True, this will create unemployment, but one thing is sure citizens will get hassle free public service in an efficient manner, patients will be getting proper healthcare timely at least cost in a corruption free environment. If all these create unemployment, so be it.

This shift to AI in large scale will create increase of revenue income for the Govt, and with this Govt may ensure minimum universal basic income for our citizens through social security system. And the time saved from repetitive boring work, our people will live a quality life with quality rest. Therefore, it is advisable that artificial intelligence may be introduced in a wide scale. America and china are already using AI in offices and industries, when India also begin using it India will be competitive to them which India has not been so far.

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  1. Yeah AI will greatly reduce work loads, ensure smooth functioning, and can, to a great extent, reduce chances of accidents. It should be used as fast as possible.


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