I believe in destiny. In our life, in child hood, many things are taught to us from books but due to our immaturity peculiar to that stage of life, we do not take them quite seriously but as we move ahead through thick and thin of life, we collect experiences to realise the truth behind what was taught to us. For some, realisation comes relatively early, for others little later, or for yet others never at all. For me at this age of 66, I started understanding many things what I was taught at those far-off school days—that time I read those only for passing the exam through rote learning without understanding, same I understand now only. I believe that mine is not an isolated case.

As for me ,in my youth I did not understand the word ‘ destiny’ and took it as the manufacture of boring old and brazen people meant to be ignored, at my youth under the influence of communism turned an atheist, pooh poohed the word ‘destiny’ or any after-life philosophies of our seniors, at this old age having cruised through 66 years I have my own experience. I suddenly started believing there is a destiny for all. Everything is pre-ordained. Things of life are already destined which you hardly can change, best is to suffer/enjoy through, no alternative. But as per teachings of GITA, I believe in work, so I work and work, without any expectation.

Appropriately, my mind goes to an interview of Neeta Ambani, wife of Mukesh, richest Indian, and leader of an industrial empire, which has gone multinational also. That time these two eminent brothers were involved in a nasty spat, everyday their fight would make news headlines, revealing many of their secret misdeeds not uncommon in corruption ridden Indian industry. Those spats had the potential to damage them and Indian industry. In that interview she was asked about the future of their notoriously publicised family quarrel, she replied that she believed in the destiny. This reinforced my belief.

Actually, when people of their stature opines on life’s experience, and dilemma, certainly those are not empty words– must be full of realised truth, those are to be taken seriously.  At this age of 66, I have seen destiny shapes our fate. Newspaper are replete with stories. Otherwise, how can we explain when yesterday’s pauper is today’ rich, today’s rich is tomorrow’s beggar on the street.  I do not say that to become rich you need only luck and no work, my point is that there are many hardworking educated men in India but it does not happen to them to come up in life, It is the destiny that determines their fate.

Some time back a newspaper reported that two brothers from a beggar’s family went out for begging, younger was lost in the course, an Australian couple on a tour to India was kind to spot the wailing boy and then formally adopted him and took to Australia. The lost boy was cared for properly in his new home, reared well in Australia, and educated him to raise as a  professional engineer. Later the beggar engineer from Australia, on tracing his old family in India, met his own brother and mother in India, but could not stay in India as he could not live without an air conditioner and high class living. He could not think of drinking any water other than mineral water. Immediately he left for his adopted country and family………hundreds of accidents are happening daily in the country, you have seen many come back from death-like situations, while many innocents maintaining all safety norms are drawn into the vortex of death for no fault of their own. How do you explain this anomaly???????????????????????. In these days of cancer affliction, the person who does not consume tobacco become a victim of cancer, while one who is a chain smoker, remain stout and healthy.

There are ample cases in ample fields, where earthly logic does not explain rise and fall of earthlings, human reasoning fall short— only explanation that works that our destiny was written at our birth. Many explain away these anomalies as chances, but behind chances there is destiny.


Author: Your useful Books.

An online seller of books. Lives in Mumbai and Kolkata.