An article on my favourite writer, Sri Susanta kumar Pal ( Sahitya Ratna).





[ The above book is written by his son  Sri Samudra Pal, 24, doing his doctorate on micro-biology, from Calcutta University, on a CSIR scolarship. The book sold 68,000 copies, at a price of Rs 80/- per copy. It is not a serious work, a commercial work by a 24- year old  young author. A phenomenal success at this tender age. ]

Sri Susanta kumar pal, is a well known thinker and a prolific writer, based in Kolkata.  Although he writes for a range of subjects, his focus is mainly for children. He writes ghost stories, plays, travelogues, General knowledge books and on many topics. Many of his books are included in school curriculum, not an ordinary thing. Premier book shops, and book fairs in Kolkata, sells many of his titles regularly. He has authored not less than one thousand plus books. He is favourite to publishers of Kolkata and Bangladesh, who always impose on him an urgent time schedule. Presently, he, in collaboration with professors of Bangladesh, is engaged on a mega research work on a historical topics of social importance. I am avidly waiting for the result.

As sensitive writers always are, he thinks on man, society and its future, and tries to find a way out for the deliverance of mankind in the present day world. He opines that deliverance of mankind is possible only through  SA-BI-D ie  practising  a combination of literature, science, and philosophy rationally. He has a complete article titled as SABID which I have published separately in my blog, don’t forget to read that.  The said article embodies his rational thinking on social and religious horizon. He attempted to show how his new religious thinking will bring peace and harmony to the present day war-torn world, controlled by mad fundamentalists of various nomenclatures.

Original article of SA BI D was in Bengali, I translated it in English as I understood the idea. As all of you know translation is a difficult work, and I fear some nuances of the article might have been missed in spite of my best effort. Wait for the article, it will soon come up…………….

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