I made a lapse in an article somewhere else in this blog, directed to the baldness of Prince William of Royal family of England. I advised there to use mustard oil that will help restore lost hair in his bald head. I had to write there ‘Pure mustard oil’ but mistakenly, I wrote only ‘mustard oil’.

It is an unpardonable mistake , in our society, whenever you require some food items, you have to specifically  add the  word ‘pure’ , otherwise, you will land up with adulterated variety which occupies the larger part of market and is normal traditionally.  When you need ghee you have to say ‘pure’ ghee, when you need milk ask for ‘pure’ milk  etc. etc. As I have never stepped outside the border of India, I have no idea whether in developed societies of Europe, when you go to market to buy any food items you have to choose  ‘pure’  variety or purity is automatic without special mention for it . Food or any product for use of mankind without saying should be automatically pure, without selectively choosing for it. There should not be two varieties—pure and impure, it should be only pure, impurity should not be any option unlike as ours.

Our most of  food items are impure due to adulteration. Mustard oil is mixed with oil argemone oil which is a tremendous health hazard, creates  a condition similar to epidemic dropsy. Milk  is adulterated  with  water, chalk, urea, caustic soda and skimmed milk. Honey is often adulterated with water and table sugar to increase the bottle’s quantity. most honey brands being sold in the country contain varying amounts of antibiotics and their consumption over time could induce resistance to antibiotics, lead to blood-related disorders and injury to the liver. Spices like turmeric powder is also adulterated with ‘metanil yellow’. ‘Metanil yellow’ is produced with utilizing some raw materials like ‘metanilic acid’ and ‘diphenylamine’. The common people do not know the risk of consuming turmeric powder mixed with ‘metanil yellow’. It is purely carcinogenic – means it is capable of causing cancer in living tissues. In black pepper adulterant is Papaya seeds. It ‘s harmful effect is that Papaya seeds can cause serious liver problems and stomach disorders. Chilli powder is often adulterated with a similar looking substance like brick powder.  In ice Cream  adulterant is pepperonil, ethylacetate,butraldehyde, emil acetate, nitrate, washing powder etc are not less than poison. Pepperoil is used as a pesticide and ethyl acetate causes terribble diseases affecting lungs, kidneys and heart. Ice cream is manufactured in extremely cold chamber where fat is hardened and several harmful substances are added. Also a kind of gum is added which is sticky and slow melting. This gum is obtained by boiling animal parts like tail, the nose, the udder etc. The coffee powder usually adulterated Tamarind seeds, chicory powder (used to add bulk and colour). It ‘s harmful effect is that it can cause diarrhoea, stomach disorders, giddiness and severe joint pains. Tomato sauces mostly used in local fast food centres in numerous areas of West Bengal, are also artificially made from ‘pumpkin pulp’, ‘sugar’, ‘non-edible colours and flavours’. No tomato is present in that sauce to maintain very cheap rate in the local market. These sauces with ‘artificial colours and flavours’ are highly carcinogenic. These are being supplied rampantly without the checking of the health department. No wonder, most of the stomach cancer patients In Tata center, Mumbai are from Kolkata. I think cheap and widely adulterated food items are behind this.  Khoya and Chhena  are commonly used for the preparation of traditional Diwali sweets, and are often adulterated with starch. All you need to do is boil a small sample in water, cool it then add a few drops of iodine solution. A blue color indicates the presence of starch. Silver coating (vark) used to decorate sweets is made from silver. [Source: food.ndtv.com, agmarknet.nic.in, listdose.com, timesofindia, V. Lakshmi et al., IJSIT, 2012, 1(2), 106-113, bigumbrella.co.in, foodrenegade.com, tea.wikia.com]

There are enough regulations, and authorities are employed at tax payer’s money by Govt to implement those,  but those unfortunately  do not function as originally intended by legislators. We love to blame our Govt. for all the ills of society, and to many our duty ends there. A Govt. –it may be by BJP or Congress, is as good as its citizens. Have we asked any of our municipal authorities what their food inspectors who are responsible to check the quality of food sold in their local area, are doing?? Or how drug inspectors amass so much unaccounted wealth, almost none of who is reading this article, did, then how do we expect authorities alone can do it especially when all of us living in a corruption ridden society.

As for me I do my part. In my whole life at least I complained one thousand times wherever warranted. True, most of those did not work, at least a few really worked. My advice is whenever you find some misdeeds/ corruption, write down a complaint and post it. You need not physically fight. Opinion builds up to a logical end….sometime back I lost my baggage through theft in ACII tier coach of a Howrah-Mumbai train, I lodged an FIR at Bilaspur GRP, and on their declaring after six months not recoverable, I wrote a letter to the office of PMO desiring to meet Prime Minister personally to apprise my anguish but it is a different thing that his office did not cooperate. I have my records intact, if anybody want to see I can show.

I have also a feeling that it is really difficult to administer a country of teeming millions–130 crores people, by any Govt, if India could be divided into at least 200 states, each being of size of European states, it could be administered more effectively, where any citizen can meet Governmental authority any time they want. Those disagree with me, I want to say to them try once to meet a minister to apprise him your problem—I am sure if you are a common man like me, you won’t get chance to meet him, you will be lost in the crowd.

We are generally oblivious people, whatever happens around we do not have any concern. Every day lakhs of commuters see on both sides of railway track of western railway in Mumbai, that vegetables are grown with water pumped from large gutters carrying human excreta and all rotten things. Those vegetable are sold in the station side market, are in high demand. Investigation has shown that those vegetable carry heavy metals in them, and likely to cause cancer and other diseases. If we do not purchase those, automatically such contaminated vegetable would not be sold. But people are blissfully ignorant.



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