High and mighty will join the reform process only when they start suffering like the poor/ under privileged.

This morning’s TOI (Date 21.1.2018) carried a shocking news. The only son of a city police was bitten by a rabid dog, and he then like a common man ran from pillar to post, to get a bed in the hospital which he did not get, and the result was that his priciest wealth in the world for any father, died. I wish this only a bad dream. The grieved father lamented, ‘ For the first time, I realized how difficult life is for the common man’. Here, I have a side comment to make, but before that I remind all that this shocking incident may happen to anybody and anytime -you, me or anybody else.
Even being from the police Department, also did not save him. But such incident everyday is happening to half fed, unfed nameless multitudes, but no one know of it to keep count, because in this society they are under privileged and nameless and too many in number. In this unequal society ( don’t read me as a communist), high and mighty are specially served , to the neglect of the common people of meagre/no means. In essence, first of all you are weighed by your nuisance value—that is how much damage you can inflict upon others when you want. True, there is a democracy ( duly diluted by our Indian version), and social institutions created under it, but mostly, people sitting there weighs you by your nuisance value, and if you have it high, they will serve you. What I say here is not any revelation, any common man know it, but there is a rider, you can’t go about mentioning it—in that case you may be digging your own grave.
Essence is until high and mighty in the society suffers, remedy will not be sought seriously. Two days back there was report in the newspaper, and editorial comment, that a huge percentage of class VIII pass cannot read his mother tongue, or do basic calculation correctly. Earlier, an international study had shown mathematical skill of class III of south Korea is equal to our class VIII student. This poor quality of education does not effect the rich, for, a rich send their sons and daughters to developed countries for their education, naturally, they do not have concern for poor quality education as available in the country. Same is true for medical care. When high and mighty suffer, they go abroad to get their medical treatment and come back, what is the need for reforming the education or medical institution in the home country. Unless and until, rich, mighty and powerful suffer as the helpless and poor, there will not be any focus for their improvement, once improved, all the common people will reap the benefit. Although, the issue is different, there is talk of prison reform now a days, for, some big people have been sent to prisons for their misdeeds, coming back they talk of prison reform because they suffered.
Forgive me, here I will drift a bit left, talk about terrorism. Since nineties, India suffered terrorism, America and other countries in the west only gave their lip service, did nothing internationally, for the safety of Indians. …. For the first time in2001, terrorists struck America by demolishing its twin towers, then they got the real shock of terrorism, and understood our pain, gradually come up now to help India and condemn Pakisthan as the route cause of terrorism. If America did not taste terrorism even now, I think, they would not still have supported us, still would remain unaware of our problem. I understand, there is a shift of Geo-political position, never the less this is a powerful factor in that America suffered terrorism. In our country, while high placed persons, VIPs,  have to be highly compensated, commensurate to their talent, merit, but they must be compelled to use public transport, common people’s healthcare and education infrastructure as available to common man. Only then, they will be aware of the problems, and will be concerned for improving those.
Without the active help of high and mighty, you can’t reform institutions—national and international, things starts changing when they get the blow and then only, they climb down from their ivory tower to address common man’s problem and pain.
I have been dragged into all these analysis, by the unfortunate death. I only will that high and mighty join the under privileged to reform the institutions of society so that all of us get proper service, to live a healthy life. INDIA HAS ENOUGH RESOURCES FOR ITS PEOPLE TO LIVE A HEALTHY, WEALTHY , AND PROSPEROUS LIFE. YE MERA MAN KI BAAT.

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