Air travel really have become cheaper for the masses.

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It looks air travel has really become cheaper. It is good for the masses, and economy. It was long overdue, and has become as a relief for me and many common people like me. It has struck me very comfortable, yesterday booked to and fro ticket for journey in june’18 , between Mumbai and Kolkata, for a cost of Rs 16,287/-. This looks going to Kolkata by air, will no longer be that painful for me. 26 hours of journey, will reduce to 7 hours’ from point to point. Life for the masses, is really becoming better, at least, in this respect.
I stay both in Kolkata and Mumbai, used to do my journey in train; at the minimum, it takes 26 hours in the best trains . At this age strain is too much, when I get down from the train in Kolkata, there is a dizzy feeling, and whole body trembles, every time think never to repeat the journey again, but resolve stays with me only until the next journey, and then again travails start. Add to this, the extra hazards being added to train journey every day now a days. Although this picture is common with train journey but age refuses to accept this pain any more.
Xxx In young days I would travel in general compartment for long hours for days together, drinking water and eating foods supplied in the train or collected from venders from platform, rather food in the train journey would be more romantic than home food. There would not be any complaint against anything. After joining jobs for earning livelihood, travelled in sleeper classes from one end of the country to other with no notice of any fatigue . With gradually getting position in jobs like many others, gradually, travelled in AC classes, and at the end, air travels also, at employer’s liberal allowances /expenses.
xxYou must have noticed, now a days, travelling in AC classes in all reputed trains even, have become insecured and uncomfortable. I along with others, lost my luggage from AC-II tier coach on 22.11.2016, after being drugged . It is not me alone, many many cases are happening regularly. A very bad and unhygienic foods, uncleaned blanket and bedding are given to passengers on board. There are numerous complaint by passengers, every time Govt re-assures to improve but unable to do anything. Every time Govt. promises—I am sure it is sincere utterance, yet same state of affairs continues, and to me it seems it will never end because it is beyond the control of any Govt. Every time when I am face to face to be in such a situation, I experienced that it is not easy to administer a country of 135 crores of people, just too many… too many. Have you ever tried to meet an authority to redress your grievance whenever you had any problem in life, definitely no, you ran from pillar to post, until you broke down. For my theft of baggage, I approached the office of PMO, claiming compensation, even to meet PM personally, I could not cross even the preliminary levels and it was frustrating to me. Managements are inefficient through all-out bad education in the country. There is a requirement of artificial intelligence in every department of game of our governance to improve general efficiency, forget job creation and all sorts social thinking, socialist philosophy of governance since the time of Nehru, spoilt the country, spoilt the national resources.
Unlike in other fields of business activity, air travel has become a bit better, has an enormous potential to further improve the life for our teeming millions. By this time air fare has ultimately come down by virtue of private operation. As I noted, 5/6 years back air fare to Kolkata was approx Rs 10,000 for one way travel—that was really too much to bear for me, naturally, would not think of going to Kolkata by air. Now, as I found, that for a single person, one way journey is Rs 4000 appx, is OK. It should come down more, at that all our masses can use it regularly, it should be possible by the imaginative businesses, with the cooperation Of Govt.
Reducing taxes connected with airfare, and arranging for landing on thousands of water bodies instead of expensive present airports by small planes, will bring down cost of air journey. This will bring down the cost of maintenance of airports. Further, I am a strong advocate for Application of artificial intelligence in every department of management and administration of the country, this will raise the efficiency, safety and all round public comfort at a reduced cost. AIR TRAVEL HAS BECOME REALLY CHEAPER.

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