Malala yousafzai quoted in TOI on 26.02.218, as saying, “ Let us remember: One book, one pen, one child, and one teacher can change the world “. What she said really in it, is to read books. But this is an advice all of us heard hundreds of time from teachers and well wishers.They advised us, but very few took those seriously, and the net result is that , most do not read books. Although, that reading books is beneficial is universally true nobody can deny it, very few read, and offer various excuses for not reading books. It is difficult to change habit in a grown up man. But I can say for certain that if you happen to be one of those who do not read books, you have surely deprived yourself from one of the finest pleasures of life.
But there is a difficulty here, one has to be trained in reading, in early years of life, which many do not. It will not be automatic. Responsibility lies mainly with parents at home. Another, similar things I must mention, is music the effect of which is all pervading in this universe. To me it seems, music is the connector between an individual and the beyond. And here also one has to be trained in early childhood in music. It is said that music and math originate from the same part of brain. Therefore, who are too money minded in nature, counts that every bit of time & money, have to be invested in making money now and afterwards, they also can learn music safely. It will make your brain more efficient in any other field for any other business which will earn you money.
I started with talking about books, and that one has to inculcate in early childhood. For this the master of home has to buy books and fill his home with books, the child get used to seeing it around, makes a friend with it unknowingly, and when he grows up he make friendship bond with books easily. Jawaharlal Nehru once said that the man who carries ten books with him, will automatically end up with reading at least one without his knowing. Thus, you have to fill your home with books, if you want your child develop the habit of reading. Make him live with books. One of my granddaughters loves reading books. But when I say this, I cannot guarantee how much she learns from it after each reading by subjecting her to rigorous tests. I don’t do that. It is simply because, how much she is learning from it immediately, is not that important, rather what is important is that she is developing habits of reading books or simply by living with it, and this is most important part of it, later she will win the world with this habit. All books need not be read like text books, some are to be loosely read –even if something not understood OK, other things will soon be understood if she keeps on going forward, in this way during the course of life a huge knowledge will be collected. Often I have seen her sleeping keeping the book by the side of her pillow. This sight gives me pleasure………. In my case, I had a group of friends who are much more knowledgeable than me, I made a habit of mingling with them in addas, and listened to them very attentively, they were not less than any books for me, much of what I know today is due to them for all these I learnt from them. A knowledgeable friend is not less than a book.
Similarly, a small child have an excellent sense of sur and taal, who grow up in a house, listening to his parents practicing music. Now a days, I have seen in ZTV’s saregama program, many very young children—7/8 years old, appear with unbelievable skill in music for his age, this would not have been possible if they had not learnt it when they were one or two years old, or even when they were in mother’s womb, through their eyes, ears and nose, and other preceptory-routes, I cannot think of any other explanation.
Similarly, a child should be given a home -environment of books. Often, some parents wonder what’s the use of buying books when child do not read those—no, friends it is still required, even if she plays with it, and tear it up, instead of reading those, still buy her book, it is really very very cheaper compared to what he will achieve by reading books, in future. I remember an advice of Obama, he said that one who complains that education is costly, ask him to calculate the cost of ignorance. Spending money on education is really the best investment, both for child and self, which ultimately will go to build the nation also. Education is the best possible infrastructure for a nation, our country needs it most. What is common amongst the most developed countries of world over, is that their people are well educated in quality education.
There is nothing like book. This is a great friend. From your shelf of books, you can draw any book seeing the title on it to suit your need, read it for some time, soon after you throw it away finding it not satisfying, yet it will not be offended. you may pick up any time for reading the same book, any time, be it morning, evening or dead of night, it immediately is ready to serve you without complaining. Imagine doing the same thing to your friend, you will soon lose him for ever. Book is a all weather friend — any field, any time, never fails you, only that you have to cultivate the habit in early years of life. Books bring knowledge, and with this knowledge create many many worlds in your mind, because there are misfortunes/ sorrows waiting to afflict all of us some day or other, sooner or later. When those demons strike , take shelter in one or the other like a bunker at the time of war. More worlds you create , there are more places for you to take shelter . Thus more means more safe you are, books are the means. In Mumbai, I do not buy books because of paucity of space in my home, I cannot keep and scatter those over the places. I get my interest met from British Library…One drawback with me is that, I cannot keep my books organized in the shelf and that in spite of best effort and determination to hold. As soon as I arrange my books on the shelf, soon after mysteriously those fly to my sofa, bed and my small round table–all scattered all over the places, which cause my wife to react—not a pleasant experience at all!!!!!!!!!!
These are days of mobile phone, and internet, and kindle. Those are good for collecting small information, net surfing but not suitable for lengthy reading. …….start buying books, and feel safe to be encircled by those—of course, unlike me , if you have enough space to scatter those all around. For me, due to space constraints, I satisfy the most part of my needs from Library. Further, borrowed books unlike bought ones, always have a time limit for return, which compels me to read those books completely in the fixed time-limit , also saves me money. It is not important whether you buy or borrow, so long you read. WISH YOU A HAPPY AND GRAND READING.

Author: Your useful Books.

An online seller of books. Lives in Mumbai and Kolkata.