Senior citizens—Good time is ahead.

Times of India in its report on 12.03.2018, at page 6, reported that the finance department has rejected a proposal to reduce the age from 65 to 60 to avail of senior citizen status and get state government concessions.
The social justice department had decided to reduce the age limit but it was shot down by the finance departing to avoid an additional burden on the state treasury. There are 1.5 crore senior citizens in the state and the number will go up by about 25 lakh the moment the state clears the proposal. The state provides concessions for travel by state transport (ST) buses and has two pension schemes for senior citizens. “If the state reduces the age to 60, the number of beneficiaries will go beyond 1.75 crore,” said a bureaucrat. The finance department is not ready to clear it due to the financial crunch this year.

…………I think it is a very important item of information, for senior citizens. Now, I am 66 plus, with the support of my doctor friends I am fine, but who knows what is in store for future. Many say being a good man through your life, means you won’t suffer. We love to say this to express anger to the person we have fallen out for any reason. I think this is only a small consolation of self when we have lost out to others. But it is not true, I have seen some wicked men die a happy death, many good men who served the society commendably, die a miserable death.

Take the example of Shree Ramakrishna, and Swami Vivekananda. Shree Ramakrishna, had cancer in his throat, and died a painful death, Swami Vivekananda, died at the age of 39, and had all the diseases. In old age, we need the help of the social welfare measures undertaken by the Govt. So all the welfare news of our Govt is relevant for the senior people.

I have already registered my senior citizenship. I am sure more and more social welfare measures by Govt and private parties, will/ bound to come up in near future. Wealth of the society is increasing, which will be employed to better the security of children, women and senior citizen, for, how much a society is developed is measured by how much care society is giving to its children, women, and senior citizen.

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