This is how communal harmony in the country may improve, with a little bit of dispute resolution engineering.


Members of the Buddhist community have filed a petition before the Supreme court claiming that the disputed land at Ayodhya is actually a Buddhist site. The petition says the claim is based on the four excavations, carried out by the Archaeological Survey of India, at the disputed site, with the last one being held in 2002-2003.
The petition claims that there was a structure relating to the Buddhist religion at the site before Babri mosque was constructed there. “The ASI excavation revealed the existence of stupas, circular stupas, walls and pillars which are distinctive features of a Buddha Vihar,” said the petition.

My point is different here, and it is solely to improve the communal harmony of the country. After Babri Masjid, it has touched the bottom. In this background, hard followers of both religions, are working overtime to whip up the religious sentiments keeping an eye to vote bank. Any time it may break into a civil war. Now, the present petition to Supreme Court may resolve the issue permanently, if my word is listened to.

A decision on the current petition, in favour of Buddhism may dissuade Hindus and Muslims—the warring community, from any possibility of  festering the wound further. If facts are in favour, all the best. Even if it is otherwise, SC may interpret the evidences in such a fashion so that betterment of society prevails. This can happen if Buddhism wins, neither Hindus nor Muslims.

I remember the time when A N Roy was made the chief Justice of India by superseding many of his seniors in 1972. There was a hue and cry throughout the country. Indira Gandhi, the ablest Prime Minister of India, told us that being senior in position, and of higher merit, should not be the only criterion for selection of judges of India, he must have social commitment, right kind of social philosophy, which will influence his decision connected with the welfare of society. Now it is time of social disharmony due to religious sentiments, decision on the current petition, should be such that Ajodhya should go to Buddhists.

Finding truth is important, more important is to establish the course of society towards welfare of all citizen.




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