In this international day of happiness, I was wondering whether I am happy or not. My answer, at least for the day, I am unhappy. The simple reason for my unhappiness is my neighbor who is in the habit of annoying everybody around. If the institutions of our society were working all right, this sort of problems would disappear at its very inception, but institutions are corrupted , making those dysfunctional. What is the difference of living in a developed, and underdeveloped ( un-developed??) societies?????………….. In a poor undeveloped society, people cannot live in dignity. A beggar in a developed society, is far happier and richer than a beggar in a poor society, in the former, institutions, work better. Institutions are that much worth.

What I told above, is more or less, same for all of us so long happiness is concerned. Happiness lies in acceptance whatever comes your way. Compare the above neighbor’s  niggling , with what Irfan Khan is suffering, a happy go lucky actor recently unfortunately detected to be suffering from Brain cancer. Compare my problem described above with the agony of the great actor undergoing in terms of suffering pain, and finance. Tagore has nicely said in his song/poem –AMAR SONAR HARIN CHAI….., meaning we lose in enjoying what we have in brooding over what we do not have, including unattainable ones. This is a great teaching. We must learn it to enjoy life. Message here is to set your priorities in life. My problem as told in the beginning, has to be accepted as common thing in life, and then coolly working on it.

When I am unhappy I visit my son’s house at Mira Road, there I play with my two grand daughters, especially the younger one . I discuss a few constructive educative ideas with the older. Read to her from ” Glimpses of world history ” by Jawaharlal Nehru. Playing with the 4 year old  is a delight, it mops away my mind any traces of any misery yet left. I stop only when she starts making a lot of physical demand on me at this age of 67 years. Her playful mood, endless giggling makes me lighter, healthier…I only wish this short period may last for whole day !!!!!!! We were born GOD, and with a very strenuous education turned into common men inventing daily mental agonies for us.

Music is the next main to happiness. I listen to  recordings of songs, sitar, tabla, flute, sahanai, and a song of my son, Anirban,  which was officially published by T-series and by this time crossed 12 million views. Of course, in addition, I pray to God to keep everybody in the world to be happy including myself. Prayer may not bring God to you, but changes yourself to become stronger.

Recent day I have one more addition that brings me happiness, and that is, writing this blog and designing the website. Everyday, I change the design of my website, I change the feature photos, site identity photo, background color, adding and removing widgets, and changing texts to reflect my whims……………….also, you may Check the articles, those are not related to any grave things in this world, very few will find those worth to spend their time on it. But I am happier in writing it. It is my habit whenever I am in any problem, or when there is a cobweb in my thinking, I write it out on a piece of paper and lo! my mind is cleared.  Maybe tomorrow again I am in bad mood, I  will write out another article, then another, then another. ANY PSYCHIATRIST AROUND LISTENING TO ME?. Thank you, my blog, and my readers.



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