A well written intelligent WHATSAPP article on Sri Devi’s death. FOR ATTENTION-LIFE INSURANCE AGENTS.

  • [ Received through whatsapp from my VIP friend Dr Kantharia, a well known ortho surgeon of Mumbai, at the moment, HOD of ortho Department of ESIC hospital , Mumbai]
    Sri Devi, is she forgotten..??
    What happened all of a sudden..??
    The media were focusing on her sudden demise.
    After giving us a conclusion that she drowned, left the story there.
    Here it all goes..
    The first announcement by media and other sources said, she had a cardiac arrest.
    Then, it suddenly changed to drowning in the bath tub.
    Let’s rethink..
    Sri Devi had an insurance cover of Rs. 100 crores.
    ( Google it and check out..)
    If the family says ‘Cardiac arrest’..they will get that 100 crores .
    But then, if you prove it accidental death…
    The amount doubles. The family will get double the sum insured, thats a fancy 200 crores.
    She anyhow left abode…
    Reasons unknown.
    But the Kapoor’s would surely look for some money here.
    Cardiac arrest to bathtub of money.
    A bit of negotiation with Dubai officials, a bit with Indian Government.
    Still, they gain a huge sum.
    This is why they say…
    Always insure yourself if you love your family…
    …Insure your family to the max. if you don’t much love them all..😄
    Jeeney Ke Saath Bhi..
    Jeeney Ke Baad Bhi….😄👍

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