Use facebook data and Cambridge analytica to reform India


Last one week whole world and India condemning Facebook, and cambridge Analytica for datamining and use of those data to influence voters to change election results. Yes, it should be condemned for unethical use of data. Also imagine, what a remarkable power the social media data has!!!. It caused to happen Trump to win the American election when all the world was expecting Hilary Clinton to win, Brexit won when all the EEU and the world, was expecting Brexit to fail. On new information revelation it is seen these election results were seriously manipulated by the force of improperly used data mined from social media.

I see some positive side in data mining and use those effectively. India suffers from many social ills which are withholding the progress of India. We have seen the power of data to influence people. We may use data from social media same way as have been done in American election, or Brexit, to implement swatch Bharat effectively, remove illiteracy, corruption, improve healthcare, stop all sorts of national wastages and terrorism and communal disharmony.

My point is that when data collected purposively can influence gigantic issues like Trump election and Brexit, why same force cannot be generated to cure Indian infirmities which I have just mentioned above. Even if whole world denies it I am positive on it. Conclusion is that ask Cambridge analytica to mine data from social media to crash social ills of India.

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