‘The pivot in education is the teacher … if the teacher improves, the education system will improve’

As a responsible citizen of the country, I think, education—I mean quality education only, is the panacea to the myriad ills  our country is suffering—lack of democracy, hunger, ill health, sexual discrimination, religious bigotry, caste discrimination, communal disharmony etc etc. In this aspect , the subject ‘ education’ especially, school education, is my obsession, I believe proper education only have the capacity to lift us from this morass.

Recently, a statement  from Anil Swarup, secretary of HRD ministry’s department of school education & literacy, as reported in Times of India on 13.04.2018 , looks truly significant; in it, he says,‘The pivot in education is the teacher … if the teacher improves, the education system will improve’. True, the teacher is not the only instrument used in education, there are truly many others aspects, but this is undoubtedly, the single most important factor, and starkly lacking in our system of education. When I say this my focus is school education only.

. If the teacher improves, the education system will improve. We are trying to fix this issue. There are 16,000 BEd colleges and it is a known fact that if you pay them well, you will get a degree whether you study or not. To stop this, we asked them to submit affidavits. But out of 16,000, only 12,000 submitted. We started taking action against them. They went to the court. The court has stayed it and we say reforms are slow. What can we do?

Similarly, in order to make the recruitment of teachers transparent, we have proposed a central examination like a CAT or a SAT. The proposal is still lying with states. Similarly, the training service. Teachers hardly get any induction training. So, now we have set up a national teachers’ platform – for the first time we are creating a national repository of teachers so that at a click of a mouse every detail of a teacher can be gathered.” I hope, Govt  will walk the talk.

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