Why south India is more advanced and north back ward ????.

This is a question  storming my mind for a long time, but I was not able to find a satisfactory answer. In the course of my job life, I moved through several places in the south and north. I experienced people from Tamil Nadu, Kerala and Andhra, are always disciplined, hardworking, serious in-depth, and thorough in their work, while people from the rest of India are not that disciplined, serious; and casual in their approach to work.

While I was in Tamil Nadu, I mentally decided, to actually settle there permanently.[ all my life the distant, the unknown attracted me, in my own peculiar way .  While in Tamil Nadu I mingled socially with bottom layer people extensively, having no Bengali friend. While in a Bengal village in connection with land revenue work, I would live for days together with Santals tribal people, I freely took part in their  BANNA UTSAV]. To continue with my main story, I was about to settle in Tamil Nadu, but subsequent development took me out of there. But the urge to know South Indian’s secret to progress kept me restless. Today while I was reading an article in TOI by Shaibal Gupta, I got a rough clue to my answer which runs as follows in my words—Most of the southern states had experienced massive social movement in the past, especially in the 20th century, resulting in demographic transition. For example, Kerala experienced a strong literacy movement, thanks to the efforts of the princely state of Travancore-Cochin, Jesuits and communists. Similarly, Tamil Nadu experienced the social (anti-Brahmin) movement, leading to social mobility and emancipation of women. Further, in the pre-Independence period, the expenditure on education and health was much higher in the Madras Presidency than in the Bengal Presidency.

There would be shortfall of revenue in Madras presidency, some of it would come under the tutelage of the East India Company from the surplus of Bengal Presidency, you can say that the progress of Madras presidency would be financed from the surplus of Bengal presidency.

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