Punish the parents to reform the underage drivers

It’s a problem in every locality of India. Young underage boys and girls drive mostly scooters, cars through crowed roads , lanes and by-lanes, inviting accidents to themselves and innocent passers-by, maiming many for life. They drive two wheelers and cars. Many readers also experienced what I say here and are irritated often, but can do nothing to stop the menace. This is a social problem.
Now Hydrabad police rose up to the occasion, arrested and jailed parents of underage kids who drive vehicles on public roads, 26 parents have been jailed recently, for letting their minor kids to drive. The right message effectively driven home.What parents can do , police can’t.
I hail this move of Hydrabadi police, whole country should emulate it. Then and only then, parents will wake up to control their wards at their home itself, so that indiscipline do not come out on the road. This will ensure safety for all. HOPE WHAT HYDRABAD THINKS TODAY WHOLE INDIA WILL THINK TOMORROW.

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