The key to a 121 year long living— are sleeping well, waking up early, eating healthy, and hard work.

These are the real secret to a long life, at least according to world’s currently longest living Mexican man, Manuel Garcia Hernandez. According to Mexican Govt’s official documents, his date of birth is 24th December, 1896, by that reckoning he is 121 years old. He wants to live for 125 years. He did not record his long life in Guinness record, at least so far. His secret to long life is hard work, he works in the field since he was 13 years old, still he loves to work equally hard in the same field, except that he now stumbles when he walks.
Apart from this, he raises chicken in his patio which keeps him busy all day through. I am now only 67—54 years yet to go me. I have checked out with my own records of daily habits, I found that except waking up late—very common in Mumbai, my other things, are just like Manuel Garcia Hernandez. What about you?? Don’t bother much, immediately, start sleeping well, waking up early, eating healthy, and doing hard work, you are likely to live up to 125 years. GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Author: Your useful Books.

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