Facebook/ Twitter account are being hacked—Beware!!!

Today, I am panicked. I unexpectedly stumbled upon a news item that Facebook/ twitter accounts ( read for yourself– http://tech4entire.com/fb-twitter-accounts-can-be-hacked-sold-for-1/) are being hacked. Then they change the username and password, thus take those away from the owners—may be you, may be me. Motivated stories are being sent to their contacts. This is nightmarish to me , you and anybody. In such a situation, correcting the damage done is beyond our control, and sometimes beyond our knowledge it may happen. Those username and passwords are sold to unscrupulous also. The buyers may be fraudsters, terrorists and God knows what!! Many misdeeds will be carried in our name.

Compared to number of people use the social media, very few are expert in information technology, and also not very careful, and naive to maintain secrecy as to their username /password .  Many of us use the same password  for all the accounts so that those could be remembered later. Those passwords are also often too simple to remember, and hence may be guessed by the others. By extension, imagine the embarrassment of people like me who often mix up digits of his own mobile number, forget about remembering other details.  I cannot remember the name of my friends, I can talk to people on serious matter for hours together, yet don’t remember and know their name, and for fear of being discovered I do not dare to ask their name. God only knows how many times a day I lose my spectacle !!!!!!!!!!! Such is my forgetfulness, how I remember an uncommon passwords??? i have handed over the responsibility of remembering those to my grand daughter who assists me always, she is great in this respect. I tried a lot of Brenolia and nux-vomica but did not work……

Now, my mind goes to an incident a few years back. Once suddenly I got a mail from one of my email contacts who was a wealthy doctor from Delhi, that he was stuck in a remote place in Italy, that he was in dire needs of money, and if I could send him money….. I got surprised that doctor of his wealth, could ask money from an ordinary man like me. On my making query, a common friend told me it had to be a fake mail, and I had better ignored, and finally I ignored and relived myself. It is clear that it was an embarrassing situation for the doctor , that too, beyond his knowledge. What happens to whom and when, no one knows, should it happen at all to any, give a call to the affected and confirm.  I am really scared.



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