Yesterday, read a news that some Maoists are caught in Puna, who were planning to harm the life of Modiji, our Prime Minister. Another news item that followed, that Hafeez Saeed saying that Modi will be harmed, and India will be disintegrated. Clearly, there is an international conspiracy against the security of Modiji and India. Our security forces should not take it lightly, they need to boost the security for PM, by 1000%.
Clearly at home , there is sharp political differences. Nothing is bad about it in a democracy; sharper the differences, better will be the emerging product of democracy. Also, I understand, religious card may  be played to win elections– in a democracy this is also accepted, waiting for the voters to finally reject/accept it. BUT I HAVE A FEAR. Religious polarization has gone too far already, requires immediate healing. WE CAN’T WAIT ANY MORE.
 It is true that our expectation is high on our demands, and it is often not met, but we have to admit that India is progressing fast ahead to the envy of our enemy, Pakistan. Intellectual debates between economists, educationists, writers, in Pak TV and press , praises India’s progress and PM, Modi, and on comparison, fiercely condemns their own Govt, Pakistan and Nawaj. Further there is China-Pakistan nexus, hostile forces getting stronger. Russia is not also in our favor. American president Trump is eccentric, almost similar to North Korean President. Taken everything together is an ideal explosive mix. In this background, we at home cannot take much risk on strategies to win elections. We have to become far more  religiously tolerant true to our Indian culture. OTHERWISE, I HAVE A FEAR. I cannot forget the scenes I saw in Tv where thousands of Syrians running away from their homes, getting drowned in Mediterranean sea; those saved ended up in European jails, only a few got western citizenship and saved their life. Misery upon misery upon misery, why to start at all!!!
    REALLY, I HAVE A FEAR, who will assuage my fear????.

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