Listening to Tarek Fatah

India is a secular democratic republic, where freedom of speech exists, especially when those are burning issues. Ultra rightist to ultra leftists –all have a field day. At this time I am convinced that it is a vibrant society, the real force behind a living society, kicking with life. Religion has become the burning issues, discussed wildly on the street, in the market place, on the street, everywhere. Too much anti-Modi talk we hear from congress, TMC, communists, to the extent that it is considered almost a sin if you have found out anything good about Modi.  It is certainly wrong, and a great injustice to Modi, especially when he has been elected by the masses. Going by the trend, somebody has already started branding me as a Modi bhakt–no, I am not. I am only trying to be fair not to be under illusion. A similar situation was existing in West Bengal on 34 years rule by the leftists. As soon as you talked a word about the leftist Govt, you would immediately branded as corrupt, reactionary, and what not, your social life would be seriously under pressure.

In this background, and when religious issues are dominant, I stumbled upon a you tube interview of Tarek Fatah. It is a refreshing angle how he looked at the existing religious issues  in India. I have become his fan. I know , unlike me, many of you have already watched the interview, You may still watch it because it is worth repeating—-

[ I think there is technical problem in reproducing it here, you may find on your own from you tube and watch]

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