Google is the largest company in this world, and its top post is the CEO, and this post is occupied by Sundar Pichai, an Indian, and see his simple dress!!!! Compare this man’s dress with many of lesser men and women of our society—– gorgeously dressed, and what is more they proclaim their ‘ higher status’ by wearing gorgeous dresses, which dazzles our eye, and if they are women, they proclaim their thought of superiority by dazzling saris, and gold ornaments. This exhibitionism is not only ugly, it creates unwanted strains in the society. It is not only Pichai, I have seen from photographs, Indira Nooyee, CEO of Pepsico, also dresses simply.  Actually, when people have high learning, and brain power, they don’t need showy dresses, inside they are confident,  of their strength. On the contrary, people with lower intelligence, do need costly dresses, to impose their weight publicly. I have seen a great majority of top people dress simply, live life simply.

Sunder Pichai, did not have computer till he joined IIT; did not do air travel  till he made  his voyage for Stanford University for higher studies.  In sharp contrast, have you ever seen those among us who somehow manage to make an Air Travel , show off their status?? It is absolutely ridiculous. …. contrasted with natural expectation, neo-rich class is ugliest in this respect.

My message is, the mantra of becoming a great in this world, is first to become simple in your dress, food and manners. This behavior free your mind from any  encumbrances, and help you to target your aim single handedly . KEEP LOOKING AT THE PHOTO OF SUNDAR PICHAI, and internalise him. WILL OUR TEXT BOOKS TEACH THIS SIMPLICITY????………..people’s hypocrisy sickens me.

..if you can afford , and have the right mood, please read the interview of Pichai, CLICK AND ENJOY–

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