How Kishore Kumar’s voice was muzzled during Emergency

Today’s Times of India reported that Kishore Kumar’s voice was muzzled during emergency. It was not Kishore kumar’s alone, there were still many others whose voice was muzzled, there were writers, journalists and press reporters, in many cases those were sent to jails . I will go a step further, to say that it is the practice of rulers from time immemorial to gag the dissenting voice. Socrates was made to swallow the hemlock; summary is that, it was done, it is being done although at a lesser imperceptible way, and it will be done in future also in countries unborn, in languages unknown. Of course, quality of democracy may entirely change the scenario. In an ideal democracy such muzzling will not be possible.

The ruler has always a compulsion to drive a country to a target it thinks fit, for that purpose it requires to mould its subjects and situations; and here curtailment of freedom or compelling one to support a purpose is not bad once you have elected it to power through public mandate. After all, the Govt is of the people, by the people and for the people.

As a child , your parents forced you to follow certain  path/ behavior pattern which many times you did not like. Once we have elected a Govt through a public mandate, its ways of rule has to be accepted…… In ideal situation nobody should be forced to do anything against its free will, but when administration needs it may compel you do things against your individual will provided of course it serves the common purpose of the country, and a democratically Govt has the right to do so, it is completely fair. This is my understanding. Now, to read the full report of TOI follow the following address line—-

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