A tour to Dakhineswar

This temple is located just across the river, from my residence, hardly an hour’s journey . I have long association with it from childhood, every cell of my body, is filled with mother Kali. At the minimum every fortnight I would visit the temple to seek the blessing of the goddess, and most of the occasions, offered puja to the deity . It was a habit with me. I never failed to get the blessings of Goddess whenever I asked, or ask for. The wide surroundings, including the riverside  made a good sight-seeing for tourists. Further, there was, and is, a ferry service to take you to Belur Math. Now a days the present Govt, constructed a jetty–much into the river to get the right depth of water, to board, and de-board the launches employed in the service.

But I have a lament here that the freedom of the tourists, is no more there. Everywhere security guards carrying weapons, controlling your movement. You can not carry mobile phones into the temple area, so I could not take photos from inside. But in spite of every difficulty, I wont blame them, rather cooperate in their difficult job of protecting the temple from the terrorists. Really, the threat of terrorism, has changed the country, has seriously affected our life. On the day of visit, there were fewer tourists than usual.

Pray to goddess to protect all of us from this terrorist menace, and save the country, and all the people living in it.

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