Steve Jobs last words before death, on love.

On the death bed , Steve Job says money is not all. Its the same thing what our ancient wisdom have been saying that greed for material wealth, will go on increasing, will never satiate. There is futility of material possession…… now, Steve Job is saying almost the same thing, people all over the world is bound to listen because he is saying it after getting all the money . So, you and me also, should listen without wasting time.

What is that we have learnt after hearing his message from death bed??–that  your children should not be forced to LIVE MONEY, DRINK MONEY, & EAT MONEY; ask them to learn humane feeling beyond money. Ask them to love, love and love–his family members, friends and distant people.  This will make them really happy.

But in real life what we see? –you don’t need to look far. Check your vicinity. You will see children’s’ school curriculum teaching them only how to earn money. They require to be taught values, and religious philosophy also–of course, not the kind of divisive type repeat divisive type. Steve job was influenced by eastern philosophy also. This will take them away from materialism. The kind of religious philosophy to be taught, will unite all people with love and TOLERANCE. Now, dear reader, listen to his golden words about futility of money——-


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