Of course, Rathyatra is due yet, it is due on 14th july, but as I have come home, I wanted to visit the site to see  at least how it is preparing for the great event. Within 5 km from my home, the famous Mahesh is situated, I am lucky.  At Mahesh, rathayatra is the second biggest in the world and the oldest and biggest in Bengal. Most surprisingly, I have not seen ISKON followers to come here while they are in hordes in Mayapur, Puri etc places. Any of the readers knowing it, may please inform me.

I visited Mahesh and saw the structure of Chariot. I saw carpenters are working hard at it doing many replacements, and painting preparing for the great day!!!. All around, local  people are going about doing there daily chores. They are seen to be nonchalant, yet these very people will be over active in the day of Rathyatra, there will be footfalls of several lakhs in connection with the festival.

Traders from everywhere will come to sell their wares in the fair, this will continue for a month taking count of soja and ulto Rath . I have a great memory of it–that in my college days during the this Rath festival I would be found mostly here, not at home. The visit to the place, with my wife, stoked those memories of the past, me narrating all my heroic deeds to her, of my golden days. I will tell all but before that see the following photos to know how is Mahesh now——



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NB–One of my friend  on reading my article above, called me to say that in my article there is no mention of the deity Jagannath. I checked it to admit that it was true, actually my mind was occupied with the arrangement of the festival, not the puja itself or the deities.

As for me, I am a great believer of God, and I feel his existence in a very subtle way in and around me, but I am not of a ritualistic type; hardly, I spend five minutes for my puja, recite Gayatri Mantra, during and after my daily bathing. It takes even less than five minutes. My strength is that I am a pious man in my daily living from hour to hour, minutes to minutes. I am honest, I love people, my actions do not harm others—on the contrary, without bearing any extra burden, monitory or otherwise, if  I can help others , I will do. But one thing is certain , without being a hypocrite, I am reluctant to sacrifice a lot for others, of course, if in small amount, I wont mind.

On the contrary, I have seen innumerable people who are dishonest to the core, in every sense of the term, they resort to puja for hours together , pay donation to temple God, feed the poor spending a great fortune , make a public  show of their ill gotten wealth, and given half a chance, they humiliate others. All their ‘good deeds’ are well advertised. Actually, through their deeds they make a deal with the God, believing that all their bad deeds will be expunged.

I believe in God, live by good deeds and values. I do not donate, I do not sacrifice. Through my good deeds I am protected by God. I hardly give 5 minutes to God. I live in God, God lives in me, his existence is palpable to me. Therefore, while I wrote above article I thought of the chariot, carpenter, people around and their life, and not of the deities. Therefore, I did not write. …….. IF I PRAY TO GOD, I SAY THAT KEEP EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD HAPPY, AND I AM AUTOMATICALLY HAPPY JUST BEING ONE OF THEM. If you have come up to this, thank you  for reading.

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