India’s 4G speed slowest in the world; ranks below Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Kazakhstan

When it comes to the digital space, India might be dreaming big with PM Modi’s pet project Digital India and much, but the state of 4G connection in the country still remains a challenge. A report, The State of LTE, published by mobile analytics company OpenSignal places India in the last spot out of 88 countries in terms of 4G speed. India ranks below countries such as Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, and Algeria. However, when it comes to availability of 4G connection, India performs far better. India ranks 14 out of the 88 countries with a very encouraging 86.26%.

Nevertheless, that does not change the fact that the average 4G speed in India has been calculated to be a dismal 6.07 mbps, while the fastest in the world is in Singapore at 44.31 mbps. In Pakistan, the 4G speed is calculated to be at 13.56 mbps, while Sri Lanka offers 13.95 mbps. USA also struggles with a lowly rank. 4G speed in America has been calculated to be 16.31 mbps.  Further, best of the  accessing time in India is 66.4 milli seconds, world trend is 30-40 milli seconds.

The top five countries with the fastest 4G speed are Singapore with 44.31 mbps, followed by Netherlands with 42.12 mbps, Norway with 41.20 mbps, South Korea with 40.44 mbps and Hungary with 39.18 mbps.

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