Imran, the messiah to bring peace to the war torn Indian subcontinent.

I am highly elated that Imran Khan has got maximum no. of seats in Pakistani parliament, making way for his becoming Prime Minister with the help of other splinter paries. He is widely loved, on both sides of the border. He is a powerful man, was captain of Pakistani cricket, won world cup for the country, widely respected in India. He spoke against enmity between India and Pakistan, and futility of war, opining that such money should be reserved for development of our both countries. Moreover, he knows to fight against all adverse situations.

I hope that he will take measures so that India-Pakistan may sort out all problems. True, He was backed by bad Pakistani military to come to a winning position, he also speaks of Kashmir, told main obstacle to peace between India Pakistan, is Kashmir. It looks he is sincere to solve the main problem. Imran Khan will not stoop down to their Military manipulation, if necessary he will revolt against their army. Being primarily a sportsman, he will play ethically in politics also. This is my hope.

India should take this opportunity to solve Kashmir problem, through a give and take problem. When both side sincerely want peace, solution acceptable to both side not impossible. My main concern is that this will solve a no. of problems in India which are–loss of lives of our soldiers in periodic escalated fight in Kashmir, living in constant fear of Pakistani terrorism that we live in India, money lost in providing securities could be productively utilized for increasing the wealth of the country etc etc.

Situation sometimes becomes so dangerous that it tends to go out of control any time, or even by error; even when on the heat of the situation,  nuclear war may start anytime destroying both of us  and the world. America or Europe, have no concern for us, except their leap service. Do you remember when since nineties we were suffering from terrorism they effectively did nothing, but when the unfortunate attack on twin towers in America happened, they seemed to wake up to our constant problem. They understood how terrorism really pains!!!.

Our problem has to be solved by us, and us alone, and now is the time , opportunity has come. This is for our sons and daughters and their children, and their children. If we can’t do now, we can’t do it ever afterwards. SABKO SUMATI DE BHAGWAN!!!!

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