A heritage of Hindu-Muslim amity, in India.

[ collected from a whatsapp message] Mana tarapata Hari darashanaki lagi-. This song was recorded at the studio by Naushad. It was written by Shakeel Badaayuni and the singer was Mahommad Rafi. When Rafisaab was singing the song everything seemed OK. Yet Naushad felt something was missing. He asked a studio person to go and buy a photo frame of Lord Krishna and place it before the eyes of singer.

The photo frame was placed right before the gaze of Rafisaab and then the final take was shot. In this final take Naushad got what he wanted– the intensity of devotion to the Lord. Till date, this song is regarded as the best Bhajan ever recorded in Bollywood. Hats off to Naushad, Rafisaab and Shakeel Badayuni who together gifted this song to us. This song is very favourite to me.

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