[ An advertisement]-‘TOP RANKERS’, a suggestion book for Biology, for class X final sudents, of secondary education, WB.

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‘TOP RANKERS‘ is a suggestion book, written for class X final examination, by Sri Samudra Pal, who is presently a research scholar post M.Sc, on Micro-Biology. About the author, he has all through his career, was an outstanding student–never stood second in his academic life. This does not mean he was anyway less in extra-curricular activities.

Through his long exposure, he found that there was no suitable book in Biology, which can help Madhayamik students, to prepare effectively for the exam to score high with lesser time and energy, without compromising with effective learning simultaneously. Care has been taken so that students learn all aspects of the topics on one hand, and on the other, prepare them for exam in a manner to score high.

It is no wonder that the book has become popular with the students, and teachers, alike. There are reports that students using this books, found 98% of questions common, in the final exam.

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