Following a petition, by a cuffe parade resident, advocate Robin Jaisinghani, stating that he and his family were unable to sleep at night, due to metro-3 work, the court had, on August 11, 2017, restrained MMRC and L & T from night-time activity. I was really shocked to read this news, the  verdict struck me, an ordinary citizen, very hard, because I felt such orders of court will only create obstacles in the way of improving the city. I was wondering How such orders can happen at all. There is no doubt that some individual’s sleep was being really disturbed, one need not go near to see to believe, it was only expected when such a gigantic work is going on, but to save his peace a whole big work for public convenience can not be sacrificed at all. I was talking to  my friends on this issue, I told them that this order was definitely going to be overturned by the court itself. My guiding logic was that public good is more important than an individual good. And the court has done that on Friday, 24 th August, 2018, and I am elated .

Judges in overturning the earlier judgement said, ” it is common knowledge that existing transport facilities are falling short to cater to the needs of lakhs of citizens. Everyday there are about nine deaths due to overcrowding of trains………………some inconvenience in putting the system in place is required to be tolerated. ”

This is a great relief to the citizens of the city. It is a mega city, world city, people all over the country flock here for their livelihood, it has a great burden to discharge. This latest verdict will discourage anybody else to move the court to stall metro work, on the ground that their sleep will be disturbed.

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