Who responsible for Dussera punjab rail accident???

It is sad that so many people are dead in the rail accident in Punjab, on the day of dussera. In such cases , my mind runs to the wife, children, and other dependent, whether bread earner dies at LOC or on the rail track due to their negligence. I have my sympathy for the dead people.

But I do not forget to become rational also, because  emotion cannot help you to be in any responsible position. My heart breaks to say that those died did not follow the safety rules those Railway cry hoarse day and night 24 hours. Railway tracks are protected area, its Rail’s own area, there rail may run train any train at any part of the day at any speed, and if in that course trains run over any body, rail is no way to blame. I do not understand how some people may blame the railways as ‘to ‘ why train was running at such high speed?’, ‘ why they did not repeatedly and loudly whistle?’, and many other questions like this. Actually, as a nation we are not taught safety rules. This sort of happening is just because of this negligence. I fear–GREAT GOD FORGIVE, will keep on happening.

Don’t condemn the railways, point out the fault of unfortunate people who paid with their life. Let the nation learn, what ignoring safety rules, means ultimately. FINALLY, PRAY DONT BLAME THE RAILWAYS FOR THIS DUSSERA RAIL ACCIDENT. ALSO , SHOW THE PEOPLE IN GENERAL WHAT IT MEANS TO BREAK THE SAFETY RULES. THEN NO MORE SUCH UNFORTUNATE DEATH WILL EVER OCCUR AFTERWARDS.


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