Before 1971 there was no Bangladesh, before 1947 there was no Pakisthan, it was India all the way round. It is a body part of India seeped in common culture. Since beginning, relationship between two nations, has seen many discords, three wars and many other day to day differences and accusations; the latest since 1990s, export of terrorism, as part of their state policy, to India. All these have made me hate Pakistan. Living in Mumbai, there is a constant fear of  threat from Pakistan sent terrorist.

Now a days by virtue of digitization, episodes of Pak Tv programs are available in you tube, and sometimes I get to see those. You may also check for your own, and any patriotic Indian will like it. I am amazed by the intelligence , and the fearlessness , of both the interviewer’s question and interviewee’s reply. Those are really  educative. Their Press/ media  are critical of their own Govt’s policies and failures; its misadventures against India, overt and covert support to the Pakistani terrorists against India. What Pakistani state denies about their helping terrorism against India, this and other TV programs openly admits of Pakistan’s active involvement, they criticize terrorists active in their own country. Often, they support India , even its PM, Modi, even though he is from a Hindu nationalist party. Pakistani press/ media, praises Modi’s foreign policy, economic policy, and his stature as a leader in the world stage, and often in comparison derides their own leader.  My thrust is on—how much independent and unbiased, is the Pakistani press!!!! I do not say that all their press and media is unbiased, but a sizable portion of them certainly, are.


This is astonishing  for me. I wonder how the channels and those speak against the Pak Govt’s policies, sitting in studios of Pakistan , are not rounded up, and thrown into the jails , with trumped up anti-national charges?. At least, I have seen, rarely ever, anybody in our channels and press , talking so fiercely against our Govt, while, it is natural that in a complex and vast country like ours there are fields where our Govt really  fails and that may happen under Govt formed by any party……… I find that their journalism are more independent, and most of the cases are rational. They admit that their people come into Kashmir and foment trouble there, what really is the case.  It is not surprising if those people are  hounded out, and attacked, by those same terrorists who are criticized inside the studio.

Often questions pester me–how their press and media can be so rational, and so independent, in spite of their being in a failed and backward state. Some say our press and media are owned by our industrialists, like Tata, Birla, Goenka etc etc. If these press and media, criticize our Govt for any of its fault, then Govt may take retaliatory action which may harm their industry. This is the reason why our press and TV, cannot be unbiased and fearless, to ctiticise our Govt’s policies where due. In case of Pakistan, No industrialist controls there Press and media, therefore they have no fears like  ours’ have. This comment on our press might be true.

Sometime back I read a book–THE Z FACTOR, an autobiography of  Subhash chandra, the father of private television  and entertainment in India. He is the promoter of Essel / G-group . But initially he was a pauper , with Rupees 17 in his pocket from a Haryana village, started for Delhi to try his luck. After a lot of struggle, he found favour with Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi, later replaced himself with Dhirendra Bramhachary as the nearest man to Gandhi family, this paved the way for getting licence for him, for Basmati export to Russia. This gave him a windfall profit for him, and started rising. He then started creating one after other industry,  from 17 ruppees in his pocket, to an empire of several thousand crores. All these is explained nicely in chapter 10, under ‘ A LATE NIGHT MEETING WITH MRS G’ in the same book. Now , an industrialist with such background , can he ever criticize any Govt of the day, on any matter?

I remember an incident in eighties. That time Editor of Indian express was Arun Shourie. He is a great writer, and I was very fond of his articles.  Right now, I don’t remember exactly what was the issue, but this much I remember, that he, in a series of article, criticized the then Govt, fighting the Govt. in the court. Initially, Ramnath Goenka, owner of Indian Express,, was supporting Arun Shourie, but after some time pressure of Govt was mounting : the result?  Arun Shourie was sacked unnoticed. Ramnath Goenka, admitted that fight between the newspaper and Govt did a lot of damage to his business empire. This I know being a loyal reader of Indian Express those days, there will surely be many more such cases not openly known to us. Our press should become vocal and independent, for, this will help improve our democracy further. There are still many imperfections in our democracy. Just a few days back Soli Sorabji, our ex-attorney General, was quoted in newspapers: he said if the leading newspapers of any country and the court judgements by the judges, go on praising the Govt of the day, then one thing is sure, this particular country is not democratic in the real sense of the term. Para ser una democracia perfecta, se debe permitir que las instituciones funcionen sin ningún temor o favor.



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