Almost 80Percent Of Milk In Maharashtra Is Substandard Says CGSI


A consumer sector NGO, Consumer Guidance Society of India (CGSI) conducted an analysis on both branded and non-branded milk samples  in Maharashtra, and found that 80% of the milk are sub-standard. Brand include all brands, and the report have widely been reported in the press. It is important that chemical contamination, has not been tested—perhaps for obvious reason, that once chemical contaminants tested , result will not be any different and Brands will not have any place to hide their face. It is often reported that milks are mixed with detergents and chemicals to increase volume for sale.

Like you and many others, I consume milk; a hot cup of warm milk before going to bed. God knows what I am drinking, and to what consequences!!!, only time will tell, developed a sort of addiction. Forget about we old and adults, what will happen to our children and grand children ?? I shudder to think.

I strongly suspect Amul-milk is also sub-standard, and have chemical contaminants, and has the potential to damage our health. Being worried over such a feared prospect, I contacted customercare of amul milk at -[ Mail, phone no—1800-258-3333], to have their reaction on my fear. They , as it happens, kept silent, but normally I am relentless: I kept on making calls at this above given telephone no.  At last an officer from their PR department responded. I asked him why in the face of widely reported milk contamination of both branded and non-branded milk in the media, they do not  have a say . My observation was that  they should protest vehemently establishing that Amul is not among the culprits. If one keeps mum, in the face of such widespread forceful accusations, only conclusion can be drawn that it is their own story also. I advised him to record my complaint, and forward it to their highest authority. I have not seen any such program in TV/ press denying that their milk is also, sub-standard and contaminated. All these point to the fact that amul milk do not maintain the Govt. prescribed standard. WHAT A FALL FROM KURIEN’S DREAM!!!!

There are prescribed institutions in the society and related laws and procedures, to catch the guilty and punish them, but those do not function for the masses, unlike the upper section of society. Common men’s problem is not their problem. They do not go to the same market, same hospital, same school, and use same transport. They are immune to the system we live in. Therefore, people guilty of adulteration and other similar things, will not be caught and won’t be punished. We common people have to live with it. There is no respite.

I understand that the account becoming longer and you might become impatient, but I am sorry unless I say a few more words, I cannot make the picture clear. Some six months back there was an alarming report from Kolkata. No civilised people can think of such thing. Dead animals thrown into dumping ground in a place called DHAPA, are secretly collected. Fleshes taken out of those in tons and quintals, surreptitiously, and supplied to hundreds of hotels, restaurants of the city and suburbs, which then consumed by common public. It is an organised industry. For how  many days this practice has been going on, nobody knows. There was a hue and cry initially against this ghastly act, but like everything else it died down. Last few days it is reported, that same thing has come up again that is, fleshes from dead animals from the dumping ground, are treated with chemicals and other means, later mixed with common fresh meat, and sold in the market, and then eaten by common unsuspecting people. This is the reliability of our institutions!!! Because they do not do their duty.

In this back ground, it is almost sure  that branded milk also are adulterated for exorbitant profit. Otherwise why Amul did not dare to come out openly to challenge, to prove to the world that their product conform to the Govt specification, unlike those sub-standard, and adulterated milk often reported in press and media.  I am going to send this article to — Mail, or call at phone no—1800-258-3333 to express my concern.


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