A Nation is in protest against Pulwama terrorism and I AM DEEPLY ANGUISHED.

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Our nation has become one in the wake of terrorist attack in the Pulwama district of J&K . Throughout the nation a spontaneous protest has rightly erupted. Every street corner, and gullies including my Housing society, led a candlestick procession, in honor of the departed souls. I salute them………

Just before election such an attack, bears an extra importance. Terrorists and its mentor Pakistan, has a calculation that Modi has to act. This will harden the terrorists’ position, strengthen them.

Further, there is a new angle to it, a local youth, repeat local youth, has been motivated into it. So far, terrorists from Pakistan, did this job, and now local youth appeared into the scene. Matter of worry is that, being emboldened the same nefarious activity will be extended to other cities of India by the terrorists , i.e., local people, Indian citizen, will be used to destroy life of property of Indians. This is in a time when America is withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan, paving way for Taliban to rule Afghanistan. Taliban is a friend to Pakistan, and Pakistan is a enemy to India, Kashmir is a fertile ground for both of them.

There is a sizable Muslim population in India, while the upper class and educated Muslim are truly patriotic Indians, like you and me-not a shade less. But matter is different for Muslims forming the lower rung of society, they are obsessed with religious sentimentality, they live and die in the name of religion, except religion they do not have any other existence. Pakistan out of their enmity with India and bent on taking revenge of separation of East-Pakistan, now Bangladesh, is on a low intensity war, and this Muslims from lower rung of society will be used, to conduct future terrorist act in India. This will be aggravated to the extent Govt humiliates the religious minorities. In their suppressed anger against the Govt, they will join the anti national forces. Religious separation existing in India today must be healed, this will deter terrorism from across the border. AT THE MOMENT WE ARE AT A GREAT DANGER THAT TERRORISM OF PULWAMA BRAND, MAY EXTEND TO OTHER CITIES–MUMBAI MAINLY, WHERE I PRESENTLY LIVE. I HAVE A FEAR.


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