I am a Hindu & Brahmin, I like Asaduddin Owaisi

I am a Hindu and a virtuous Brahmin, but I have a like for Asaduddin Owaisi, who is to many of my Hindu brethren, a controversial man, and bitterly hated. My friends will castigate me, as to why I like this fiercely anti-hindu Muslim leader, who leads the political party – Majlis-e-Ittehadul Muslimeen  which promotes Muslim interests in India.

Many like to compare him with Jinnah, founder of Pakistan. But there is a stark element of difference in Asaudddin, he is a nationalist. In his own words, he is not against Hindus, but against Hindutwa. He fights for the Muslim rights, true, but that staying within the bounds of Indian constitution. What more you want from him?

Owaisi admitted that Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) is a problem among Muslims and branded them dogs of hell. He is against Jaish, Azahar and all terrorists, he calls them satan. When Imran Khan spoke against minority rights in India, Asauddin castigated him , advising him to concentrate on the minorities’ welfare in his own country. At a time, after bombing of Saudi Arabia, he advised the Indian authority to keep watch on what was being said in  mosques, and what and who was injecting radical venom of communalism in India. Some time back Owaisi, went to Pakistan, and there, Pakistani Muslim leaders, wanted him to speak ill of India, he fiercely protested. These Pakistani Muslim friends of his, lamented they did not expect such rebuff from Owaisi. Owaisi told  them that  outsiders  should not  interfere in the internal affairs of India . His view is that Indian Muslims will be protected by the majority, secular Indians.

Imagin, in contrast, a big diplomat & political leader of India, after defeat in last lok sabha election, went to Pakistan, and was complaining against Modi to his Pakistani friend, and sought support of Pakistanis in dislodging Modi Govt in India.

My point is that, owesi is not so bad as he is depicted by many of us. He is only supporting Muslim cause for their all out upliftment. I find no harm in it, because they are also equal citizens, their upliftment will contribute to the upliftment of India as a whole. Their backwardness is well known, this might be one of the reasons for their large contribution to criminal population of India, hence their upliftment is required, and to be encouraged. If religious discrimination is not bad, then caste discrimination is also not bad.

Owaisi was born on 13 May 1969. He comes from a political family of Hyderabad.  He did his graduation in Bachelor of Arts from Osmania University. He is a barrister by profession and studied at Lincoln’s Inn of London. He is a man of razor sharp intelligence, a great speaker, his listeners were spellbound by his oratory, in his student days in London. I like his oratory as much as I like Smriti Irani’s.

I like good orators. I like the lectures of Asauddin, Smriti Irani, Modi, and from good old days, Mujibar Rahaman, Margarette Thatcher, Tony Blair, John Major, David Cameroon   etc. I have many  lecture podcasts of these great people saved in my computer. When I have complete peace , I listen to those lectures. Good oratory, is a great art;  in ancient Greece there were special schools to teach this art. We know Alexandre only as soldier, this apart he was an orator and philosopher. I respect human being for his qualities, not for his caste, color, and religion.

I am a free bird, not in bondage in any way—ideas included !!!!!  I will not shrink from praising the right, and equally, condemning the wrong. I am a patriotic Indian, in every sense of the term. LONG LIVE INDIA, JAI HIND, JAI BHARAT!!!!!!!!!!!


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